MRT-3 stations get X-ray scanners

Despite the confusing issue about the maintenance of its trains, there’s something to look forward to your next ride on the MRT-3.

xray mrt scanners • MRT-3 stations get X-ray scanners

Taken in Cubao MRT-3 Station

X-ray scanners are rolling out to MRT-3 stations. Gone are the days in the MRT-3 where security personnel pokes their wooden sticks to check your belongings.

So far, we’ve seen one in Cubao. There are also X-ray scanners in placed in Shaw Boulevard and Taft Avenue stations according to a PTV report.

Now that they can thoroughly see our bags, there are items that’ll be easily detected by the scanner like like scissors and swiss knives, which are prohibited.

Via: PTV

Louie Diangson
  1. So what has been really accomplished here? I mean, what’s needed are more trains and not more useless crap. If there are more trains, there would be less crowded stations and security and safety can be more easily monitored and checked. Kelan ba gagamitin ang mga bagon na last year pa yata naka-tengga. Tapos pag ginamit na, biglang sira na agad dahil hindi well stocked while unused. Kawawa talaga tayong mga pinoy. 🙁

  2. if you have sharp tools in your bag, for example, a pair of scissors, it will be confiscated.

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