Uber on fare hike: We’re taking a holistic approach

Uber Philippines has sent us a statement in relation to the impending increase in gasoline prices as a result of the implementation of the government’s newly-signed Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIn) Act of 2017.

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In its statement, the ride-hailing company did not specifically mention an increase in its current pricing for its Uber services. Furthermore, the company ensures to keep the balance between rider reliability and building a sustainable business model for its driver-partners where they can still earn after they have carefully studied the impacts of the new policies in their ecosystem. Here is their official statement:

Uber Philippines is taking a holistic approach, with the main goal of improving reliability for riders while ensuring a sustainable business model for all our driver-partners. We are looking at not only the impact of newly passed laws but compliance in support of the government’s flagship PUV modernization program. Any future proposal will take all these factors into consideration.

– Cat Avelino
Head of Communications, Uber Philippines
in an email to YugaTech

Uber’s local rival Grab has already made the headlines this past week for publicly revealing a planned Php10-13 rate increase in its services given the surge of prices effective January 15. The TRAIn Act is expected to put excise taxes on gasoline by as much as Php10 over the next three years following the government’s new taxing scheme.



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