You can now check if your LTO replacement plates are already available

Newly minted LTO Chief Vigor Mendoza II wasn’t kidding when he said “We will not waste time” 188. Surely we cannot expect every single problem that’s plagued the Land Transportation Office to fantastically be resolved with a snap, but the latest from the agency is quite remarkable. For those who are wondering if your new plates – including the white plates that you’ve already paid for to replace your green license plates – are available, you can now check online 7.5K! 2.2K goes live

Lto License Plate Replacement Inquiry Main 00 Min

A little less than two weeks ago, it was bared that the LTO has yet to address a backlog of 1.797M license plates 347. Among these, we can safely say that the green-to-white plates that motorists have already paid for as far back as 2015 are a part of this database. It gets a little bit confusing given the wording on the homepage, saying “This interactive website is designed to provide information on the availability of paid and unclaimed LTO replacement license plates (green to white) from 2015”.

If the site’s database covers new plates for newly purchased vehicles is quite unclear, but for the sole purpose of checking the availability of license plates, it does the job.

In the image above, you can see if your plate is, indeed, available, and it tells you where you can claim it as well.

Lto License Plate Replacement Inquiry Inline 01 Min

Should your replacement plate still be buried in the backlog, you will see the message in the photo above instead. It says to check back again after 60 days, but we know a weekly “follow-up” at least is something that a lot of us will do. According to DOTr Secretary Jaime Bautista, the database contains inventories in a number of areas across the NCR-East, Caraga, and the CAR.

For those who might have questions, the site has put up an FAQ page as well, and for your convenience, here they are and the LTO’s answers:

1. Where can I apply for replacement of license plate?

  • You may apply for replacement of license plate to the nearest LTO office in your area.

2. I already paid the replacement fee but my license plate is not yet available. What should I do?

  • Please inquire again after 30 to 60 days. The production of remaining replacement plates is still on-going.

3. I cannot find the official receipt

  • Kindly bring a valid ID and your OLD License Plate

4. The vehicle owner is not available to pick-up the license plate

  • Please secure a signed authorization letter from vehicle owner with a copy of a valid ID with signature.

5. I changed the venue of my vehicle registration

  • The new license plate is available on the same office you ordered it.

Lto License Plate Backlog Main 00 Min

What we can say is that this is a pretty strong start to ASec. Mendoza’s tenure, and a good follow-through to the LTO’s thrust towards digitalization. The only thing that remains now is how the rest of the absent, lost, missing, or unlogged plates will be addressed. But at the rate things are going, and with the new delivery of blank plates, the LTO 183 may stand a pretty good chance of maybe turning this long-standing predicament around.

Is your plate available yet?

Mikko Juangco
  1. 2020 pa po labas ng aking motor hanggan ngayon wala p po plate number hanggan kaylan po kaya mag higitay 3year n po wala pa at paano ko po malalaman

  2. I registered my car this year at LTO Baguio (where I stayed for a long period of time) They promted me that I my new replacement plate is now available. I typed my plate nymber online ( to confirm, it turns out its not available.

    what do you suggest? thank oyu for your response

  3. LTO is now making it look as if they suddenly are doing a fantastic job after 8 years of making us suffer! ANO? Should we kneel down and praise you??? And we have to hassle ourselves by taking time off from work, going through traffic, parking, lining up, wasting time to get our plates and show appreciation to you???

    And why do we have surrender our old plates? That we own and paid for??? Given how all of this has been clearly mishandled during supposedly the best admin, how can we trust the government? Baka kung saan pa gamitin ang plates? Sa illegal??? Which is very very possible!

  4. Reply Avatar of Bumili ako ng sasakyan,3rd owner po ako,ano po dadalhin ko pag kukunin ko na ang plate replacement ko
    Bumili ako ng sasakyan,3rd owner po ako,ano po dadalhin ko pag kukunin ko na ang plate replacement ko August 4, 2023 at 8:36 am

    Pls send me reply

  5. Reply Avatar of Bumili ako ng sasakyan,3rd owner po ako,ano po dadalhin ko pag kukunin ko na ang plate replacement ko
    Bumili ako ng sasakyan,3rd owner po ako,ano po dadalhin ko pag kukunin ko na ang plate replacement ko August 4, 2023 at 8:35 am

    Bumili po ako ng sasakyan noong 2017 pero 3rd owner ako, kya ano dalhin ko pg kunin ko na replacement ng plate number ko

  6. Man sir gudevening po!!

    Yung plate number ko po kc hanggang ngyn wla pa po..2020 ko po binili yung motor ko..paano po malalaman kung meron n pong plate number…thank you po!!

  7. Hi mam/sir…
    Yung plate number ko po hanggang ngyn..2020 ko pa po kinuha yung motor ko..pano po malalaman kung available n po yung plate number…maraming salamat po..

  8. is it required to bring your car when getting the replacent plate mumber?

  9. Reply Avatar of Dennis Viernes Binaya
    Dennis Viernes Binaya August 1, 2023 at 9:05 am

    Hello po mam&sir .. paano po Ang year 2019 na motor wla pa po ba plate number..

  10. I haven’t got my replacement plate yet, after 9 years of waiting. I have already paid for it. The problem is that the license plate inquiry website they are heralding is not working at all. I have tried it several times and got no answer, the website just stood still. No answer. One time I got lucky and the website answered that my plate has no LTO/traffic violations. That’s all. No telling if my replacement plate is already available and where I can get it. What kind of system/website is that? And now they are telling that they will penalise drivers who did not get/have their replacement plates. WAKE UP LTO. DO YOUR VERY SIMPLE JOB. DELIVER WHAT WE PAID FOR. DON’T PUT THE BLAME ON US. BLAME YOUR OFFICE/DEPARTMENT. It is the drivers/owners of the cars who want our replacement plates available the SOONEST more than anybody else. THREATS OF FINE – IT IS THE LTO WHO SHOULD BE FINED 😤😤😤

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