Clean and green COMET bus has new shuttle service from Pasig to C5

The Community Optimized Managed Electric Transport or COMET, for short, is a fully electric means of public transport. Global Electric Transport has deployed these buses in the interest of a sustainable future, and you’re about to see more of them plying between Robinson’s Galleria in Pasig and Bridgetowne Destination Estate along C5.

Taking a COMET bus between Galleria and Bridgetowne is free for now

Global Electric Transport Get Comet Shuttle Service Galleria Bridgetowne Inline 01 Min

Photo: Global Electric Transport

The new shuttle service will ply a route between Robinson’s Galleria and Bridgetown Destination Estate. The latter is still under development and sits right at the border of Quezon City and Pasig City. The fully-airconditioned buses can seat up to 30 passengers and even comes with an electric ramp and reserved seating for wheelchair-bound commuters.

The buses will be stationed at the Carpark Annex Terminal of Galleria, and at the Giga Tower in Bridgetowne.

Global Electric Transport Get Comet Shuttle Service Galleria Bridgetowne Inline 02 Min

Photo: Global Electric Transport

The COMET buses have an operating schedule from Monday to Saturday and will transport passengers from 6 AM to 10 AM and from 4 PM to 8 PM. Taking the shuttle service is free for now, but when fare collection begins, it will be done via the Getpass system. Commuters will just have to download and install the Getpass mobile app and register and join the Robinson’s Riders Club to get their own personal QR Code. That code will then be scanned for payment purposes when it begins implementation.

Global Electric Transport Get Comet Shuttle Service Galleria Bridgetowne Inline 03 Min

Photo: Global Electric Transport

It’s always good to see many ways and means being employed for an environmentally friendly mode of transportation. The COMET bus is but one of the many other clean and green vehicles that exist, and many more that are already being developed and lobbied to the government, and we hope that they all get the proper backing to become a staple on the roads.

Mikko Juangco
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  1. This is a good start, kudos. However with this Turtle speed of a program, Metro Mla will not have EV-PUVs on the roads in this decade. Gov’t is moving at a snail speed. Our roads will still carry these smoke belchers, noisy, delapidated & disgraceful Jeepneys into the next decade; a laughing stock of developed ASEAN neighbours and Asia overall🙄. Get all Mayors/Gov to work on it as one.

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