DOTr confident that railway (NSCR), subway projects (MMSP) are key to solving traffic jams

As we speak, the NSCR and the MMSP are the two “crown jewels” of the DOTr’s infrastructure projects. While a lot of other efforts are concentrated on roads and expressways, the Department of Transportation remains focused on these two railway projects. Both are set to be able to service up to 1.6M commuters a day. But when all rail projects are up and running, this can balloon to more than 3M daily.

MMSP, NSCR spearhead DOTR’s railway projects, completion target set for 2028

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Photo: Department of Transportation

The Metro Manila Subway Project crossed the point of no return at the start of 2023. As we have it, construction is fully underway and to further speed up the process, DOTr Secretary Jaime Bautista announced that more tunnel boring machines will be coming in. These machines are the backbone of any subway project, and if the agency (and government) want to hit the 2028 deadline, having these machines operate 24 hours a day to chew up to 33 kilometers of underground tunnel can help, indeed.

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Photo: Philippine National Railways

As for the North-South Commuter Railway, construction is likewise in full swing. “[Construction is] Full blast yung construction, and we’re working closely with all the contractors and hopefully [we finish it  matapos natin ito by 2028. ‘Yan ang isa sa mga malaking construction nation,” Bautista said.

Dotr Mmsp Nscr Update July 2024 Inline 02 Min

Photo: Department of Transportation

The transport chief pointed out that the North-South Commuter Railway (NSCR) System can service at least 1 million passengers, while the MRT-3 line can carry 500,000 passengers daily. On the other hand, the Metro Manila Subway can accommodate 519,000 passengers daily, with the MRT-7 and LRT-1 Cavite Extension Project are expected to 800,000 passengers and 300,000 passengers respectively.

It’s safe to say that we do live in a pretty exciting time, but on the same token, apprehensions and fears exist, and are both warranted. Warranted given how so many things relating to public transport continue to test, haunt, and hassle commuters. But seeing how the DOTr is keeping laser-focused on both the MMSP and NSCR, as well as all the other railway projects, who knows? Maybe they can and will live up to the “crown jewel” monicker.

Mikko Juangco
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