2nd of 3: EDSA-Magallanes flyover next up for urgent repairs

By this time, we all know that the EDSA-Kamuning flyover is closed to traffic for the next 6 months. Surprise! The EDSA-Magallanes flyover is also set for some major repairs and its rehabilitation works are scheduled to start next week. Some good news – if we could even look at it that way – is that it won’t be completely closed until the EDSA-Kamuning works are done. But, works start nonetheless under the said Makati flyover. Here’s what we all need to know so far.

EDSA-Magallanes Flyover needs foundation rehabilitation

Edsa Magallanes Flyover Repair Dpwh Inline 01 Min

According to the DPWH, the agency is just waiting for permits from the surrounding barangays around the EDSA-Magallanes flyover to be able to start the installation of scaffolding on the lower parts of the bridgeway. The rehabilitation will start by repairing its foundations.

“Ang una nating sisimulan ay paglalagay ng carbon fiber sheets and plates sa ilalim. Kaya hindi po tayo agad magsasara sa ibabaw o sa mismong flyover [We will start with the installation of carbon fiber sheets and plates at the lower portion so we would not immediately implement road closures on the flyover],” said Loreta Malaluan, DPWH – National Capital Region (NCR) Director.

That said, and unlike the current state of traffic for the EDSA-Kamuning flyover, work on the EDSA-Magallanes flyover may start but will not immediately entail its closure to vehicular traffic. As soon as the former’s repairs are complete, that is the time that the next bridgeway will be closed down.

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“Ung sa ilalim, mostly tao lang ang dumadaan, may U-turn slot lang na maaapektuhan. Hindi naman po sasarhan ang U-turn slot, may konting abala o pagbabagal pero di isasara [As for the lower part, it is mostly used by pedestrians. A U-turn slot might be affected. It will not be closed but there might be some inconvenience or traffic congestion],” Malaluan added.

She likewise assured the public that they are working with the local government and the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) for the issuance of a traffic scheme for affected motorists.

Also unlike the EDSA-Kamuning situation, only the middle lanes of the EDSA-Magallanes Flyover will be closed during its repair, so it won’t be totally closed off to traffic and light vehicles will be allowed to use it even while construction is underway.

This is expected to last 9 months from the time that work on the actual flyover lanes begins.

Edsa Magallanes Flyover Repair Dpwh Inline 03 Min

If you’ve noticed our headline, we said “2nd of 3”.

Yes, first up was the EDSA-Kamuning Flyover, then the EDSA-Magallanes Flyover, and the 3rd will be Guadalupe Bridge. That’s right, people. The Chief of the DPWH-NCR also said that Guadalupe Bridge is scheduled for similar repairs and rehabilitation works before the end of 2024.

“May papalitan na superstructure and substructure sa Guadalupe bridge. Inaasahan natin base sa ibinigay sa aking report kasi ito ay Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) funded, ang Unified Project Management Office ang mag-implement into [A superstructure and substructure of the Guadalupe bridge will be replaced. Based on the report that I received, we expect that because this bridge is funded by JICA, our Unified Project Management Office will carry this out],” Malaluan explained.

Once this begins, Guadalupe Bridge won’t be closed, and instead, “a detour bridge would be constructed on the upstream and downstream portions where light vehicles could pass through”.

There we have it, folks. Let’s just be thankful that they’ve already thought of repairing these elevated bridges and flyovers before anything catastrophic happens. It’ll result in traffic, yes, but at least they will be safer for everyone in the long-run.

Mikko Juangco
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