Exclusive PUV, bicycle, motorcycle lane already being marked along Commonwealth Avenue

Oh, it is happening, alright. After having been “approved in principle”, Quezon City has begun setting the lines (literally) for the exclusive motorcycle lane and PUV lane along Commonwealth Avenue. Road markings to delineate specific lanes within which 2-wheelers like motorbikes and bicycles, as well as PUVs are already being painted, so we may see the lanes’ implementation sooner than later.

Exclusive motorcycle lane, PUV lane seen to help in promoting order and safety

Road Marking Motorcycle Lane Puv Lane Commonwealth Inline 01 Min

Photo: QC Government

Most if not everyone knows the chaos that is Commonwealth traffic. Heck, jam or not, the natural disorder of motorists has caused so many accidents along its stretch. Try as they may now, enforcers from the MMDA are trying to corral buses and jeepneys into the marked yellow lanes, but add motorcyclists weaving in and out of different lanes and it becomes too much to handle.

Road Marking Motorcycle Lane Puv Lane Commonwealth Inline 03 Min

Photo: QC Government

According to MMDA Resolution No. 22-15, the provision of the motorcycle lane as well as those for PUVs and non-motorized two-wheelers will be implemented along the highway. Clear markings and announcements such as this are meant to reiterate to the motoring public about this pretty major change that’s about to happen along Commonwealth, so do feel free to share this with your friends as well. It’s only a matter of time before this takes effect, we’re sure.

Road Marking Motorcycle Lane Puv Lane Commonwealth Inline 02 Min

Photo: QC Government

When all of this has been completed, the first lane from the right will be strictly, exclusively for bicycles, e-bikes, and e-scooters. To its left will be the exclusive PUV lane for jeepneys, UV Express vans, and buses. The third lane from the right will then be the exclusive motorcycle lane. Exclusive means only the indicated vehicles above are allowed in their dedicated lane.

Do you believe this will lessen all the accidents and that it can improve the flow of traffic along Quezon City’s last stretch of open “highway”? Yes, many will bring the “it’s up to how it is enforced” card to the table, but we have to admit that the idea is pretty sound. Sure, it will depend on how it is implemented and enforced, but do you see yourself following and respecting these lanes?

That’s the biggest question now, isn’t it?

Mikko Juangco
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