Geely PH finally responds to recent viral issue

Something that’s been taking the local automotive industry by storm has been the “Geely 24 Coolray Issue”, wherein a customer complained that his defective Coolray was subjected to poor aftersales servicing. The disgruntled customer ended up posting about his experience on social media which in return went ‘viral’, The issue has since then exploded causing a lot of harm to the once reputable and popular brand.

We won’t be diving into specifics anymore because the information has become a “he said, she said” affair, but we shall focus instead on the fact that the brand has finally issued a statement.

Geely PH Promises to do better

A few minutes ago on the official Facebook page, the brand issued this statement 87:

In response to the issue, the automaker has created a dedicated email hotline for customers: [email protected]. 15 Furthermore, the brand assures those who reach out will get a response within a maximum period of 2 working days.

Geely Sales Inline 01

The good news is, according to the statement the customers who complained have worked closely already with the brand and it seems both parties have come to an ‘amicable solution’.

What do you guys think? is Geely’s response and solution enough?

Pablo Salapantan

Pablo Salapantan

Pablo's first word was probably "Car", and this has developed into a personal passion that has consumed his professional life as well.

  1. For me its easy to accept their explanation but damage has been done.

  2. I’d really like to know, what was the amicable solution? Probably replacement with a new unit? That would be awesome. Because Geely will just refurbish the used and sell it as a new one.

  3. nothing was mentioned why they were remiss in their services in the first place..they decided to keep silent. geely owes it to us readers to know why it happened..sorry geely but keeping the incident under wraps did not do any good.

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