Grab explains why it’s hard to book a ride

Wondering why it is difficult to get a ride on Grab? That question can now be answered as the company has released an explanation as to why it is happening.

In a Facebook post, Grab Philippines said that the request for a Grab ride has doubled to more than 600,000 bookings daily. The main cause for the long waiting time is that there are only 35,000 (Previously 43,000) Grab and Uber (see merger news here) cars combined that can serve the riding public. They also said that they were not able to transition 6,000 of Uber cars because they are not included in LTFRB’s audited master list.

Grab also said that they are looking for long-term solutions (check out Grab’s 100-day plan) for the ongoing problem in their services. In the meantime, offered the following suggestions:

  1. Book a GrabShare to free up more cars for your fellow Grabbers. You also save up with lower fares.
  2. Take advantage of GrabCar’s Multi-Stop Feature.
  3. Plan your trips and book ahead of time to skip the rush hour.

source: Grab

  1. I agree, the Uber app is better than the grab app.

    Grab share option isn’t working for me at all. You go-to wait on a car even longer.

  2. Grab app is not as user friendly nor informative as the Uber app. So much easier to use Uber app, cars are newer, cleaner and much better than Grab, drivers are more friendly and courteous than Uber. In Uber app, one can see how many cars are nearby and the location show exactly where you are.Please bring back Uber!

  3. Book ahead or book to a later time isn’t working in the grab app, at least not for me

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