Driving a Rhino ATV at Cagraray Island

This is the second year that I’ve been invited to join HP and Intel on their annual Synergy trip. This time, it’s at the Cagraray Island in Albay (we went to Bohol last year) where I got to drive around a 1,000-cc Rhino ATV.

atv rhino • Driving a Rhino ATV at Cagraray Island

This all-terrain vehicle is among the biggest in the ATV class and can seat two people. And when they say it’s “all-terrain”, they mean it can go thru sand, mud, rock and gravel without much of a sweat. Of course, you need to wear your seat belts, watch out for mud splatter and small rocks flying all over from under the tires. I got a full video footage to document all these.

atv • Driving a Rhino ATV at Cagraray Island

The area around Cagraray, Island is now being developed as a tourist destination and there’s an AVT track that goes around the island up to the highest peak. There’s no power-steering on this Rhino but owning one of these  little “motorized gadgets” has topped my wish list.

cagraray island • Driving a Rhino ATV at Cagraray Island

For more photos of the resort, check out my other entry on Misibis Bay Raintree here.

  1. The Yamaha Rhino is a four-wheel, open-air off-road vehicle, often referred to as a side-by-side or utility terrain vehicle (UTV). its a great atv.

  2. akala ko tlga ikaw ung nakasakay ko e, we’re on diff flight. i don’t book morning flights eh.lol thanks!

  3. @incredibleDNA – we went to Legazpi on Friday morning, the 6am Cebu Pacific flight. Yup. dune buggy din ata tawag dito.

  4. eto rin ba ung dune buggy? I’ve tried that tho at Lignon Hill, Legazpi rin po.. gosh sana ikaw nga ung nakasakay ko sa plane.. haha sayang!nakahingi sana ako ng gadgets nyo po!

  5. Sir Yuga, when have you been to Legazpi? Gosh, ikaw nga cgro ung nakasakay ko sa plane.. Nahihiya naman kasi ako mag approach sayo kasi baka hindi nga ikaw un… lol

  6. The ATV looks really cool. I wish I could use one of those to roam around the metropolis. LOL

  7. @ Brian_B – That’s what yuga exactly meant… The event this year is at Albay and last year was at Bohol…

    Is it you who overlooked something from yuga’s post or is it me who overlooked something from your comment? Anyway, I’m just trying to clarify things…

  8. The island is in Albay, not Bohol. This is at Eastern tip of Luzon. Bohol is south of Visayas, near Mindanao.

  9. I want one too! I bet this costs as much as a brand new car.

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