Manila City asserts traffic autonomy, insists it can continue to confiscate licenses of offending motorists

The transportation sector has been quite busy ever since the new administration came in. In the recent past, we’ve seen the suspension of the NCAP (No Contact Apprehension Policy) and a price hike for PUV fares.

More recently, the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) released a memo stating that only the LTO and its deputized officers are authorized to confiscate drivers’ licenses. Furthermore, LGU traffic enforcers are only allowed to issue violation tickets for motorists. The City of Manila though begs to differ.

Manila City: We can regulate our own traffic

*UPDATE, 27 September 2022: Quezon City traffic enforcers will not confiscate driver’s licenses

During a recent interview, Manila City head of communications Atty. Princess Abante said that the Local Government Code empowers cities like Manila to “regulate their own traffic.” Under Ordinance No. 8092 of the Traffic Code of Manila City, local traffic enforcers may confiscate the licenses of motorists apprehended for certain violations.

When asked if the announcement might cause confusion, Abente said that the authority of the LTO and LGU to confiscate licenses come from different sources. She also said that all this would take is proper coordination between all parties involved.

Lastly, Abante said that Manila City Mayor Honey Lacuna will send a letter to DILG secretary Benhur Abalos. The letter will formally state that the city has its own ordinance and will continue to operate as such.

So there you have it, per this latest development, any violations in that city could be a cause for the offender to lose their license. In any case, wherever city you may be driving in, all traffic rules should be obeyed at all times.

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