Yes, Makati definitely exempts EVs and hybrids from “MMDA” Coding

We all know that Makati has its own version of the MMDA Coding scheme, right? One of the hottest questions being asked is with regard to EVs and hybrid vehicles, whether they are exempted from Coding in Makati or not. For the motoring public’s benefit, we went ahead and asked, and it is confirmed: yes, your vehicle is exempted. But there’s a slight catch.

Makati’s version of MMDA Coding does exempt EVs and hybrids, but…

Mmda Coding Makati Ev Hybrid Exempted Inline 01 Min

We previously published an article about exemptions being granted to electrified vehicles, and you can find that article here 29. At the time of its publishing, there was no solid answer if Makati will also comply, but today we have it. The confirmation came straight from My Makati, the official Facebook account of the city government of Makati, and you can see their response in the photo above. We’re pretty sure you see that there’s a bit of a catch, too, right?

Hybrid Vehicle Exemption Mmda Coding Inline 01 Min

What most people might not know is that while the provision for MMDA Coding exemption does exist in the Electric Vehicle Industry Development Act or EVIDA, AKA RA 11697, there is some fine print that states that the said exemption is not “forever”. Under the law, not being apprehended for driving an EV or hybrid in Makati during Coding lasts for only 8 years. Actually, it’s now down to just about 7 years, since RA 11697 became a law in April last year.

Hybrid Vehicle Exemption Mmda Coding Inline 03 Min

For now, those with electrified vehicles can enjoy driving in, out, and around Makati without the fear of being apprehended for Makati’s or the MMDA Coding scheme. As we did mention, if you do get pulled over, just comply, have your registration ready, and keep screenshots of the MMDA’s and My Makati’s confirmation handy and let the enforcer know that you do have this particular incentive for driving such a vehicle.

Happy motoring, you electrified gearheads!

Mikko Juangco
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