Signs of the Toyota Tamaraw’s return say “yes” after TMP files for trademark

A few months ago, news broke out that the Toyota Tamaraw will make a comeback in the PH. This comes after the (seeming) plans of Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) to bring back the legendary Filipino workhorse were discussed in a meeting between TMC and President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. No new news about it has come to light, but something is interesting in the horizon. Very interesting.

Toyota Motor Philippines files trademark for “Tamaraw”

Toyota Tamaraw World Intellectual Property Organization Tmp Inline 01 Min

Photo: WIPO

A name like “Tamaraw” isn’t too common for a vehicle, but it looks like Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) isn’t taking any chances. A quick look-see at the World Intellectual Property Organization’s database will show us that a trademark for the name has been filed by TMP on March 9, 2023, and as of this writing, it’s still pending. Still, this is very intriguing news for those waiting for the famed badge to return to the country.

2023 Auv Toyota Tamaraw Fx Philippines Revo Innova Kijang

Photo: Toyota

So that deals with the name, but none of us have any inkling as to how the new Tamaraw might look. Well, maybe there is. See, back in January, the Toyota IMV-0 concept was unveiled. It makes use of a ladder-frame chassis that can be used for SUVs, pickups, and MPVs. There we go, “ladder-frame” and it is used for “MPVs”. This could be a pretty good gauge that the new Tamaraw will make use of the IMV-0.

Word was that it might also be diesel-powered, but considering more of the IMV-0, this can mean that a hybrid or electric vehicle (EV) version might even be made. Fingers crossed that that does happen!

2023 Toyota Tamaraw Fx Philippines Revo Innova

We’ve said before that Toyota is no stranger to bringing old but famous models back into their line-ups. Take the Lite Ace, for example, and its rather successful return almost a year ago. The Tamaraw, no offense to the Lite Ace, is much more of a household name, and its longevity is evidenced enough by the fact that we still see so many of them plying our roads. Reason enough to make a new one that’s better, stronger, and more modern, yes?

But let’s not be too excited; not just yet. Yes, the plans are there, yes, the name has been trademarked, but this will also come with a lot of planning and even more research and development before it even gets a prototype. Regardless, any development is a good development, especially with the thousands waiting for an all-new Toyota Tamaraw.

Mikko Juangco
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  1. In Southern Africa was sold under the name Toyota Venture , very legendary and was available with a Y engine. Unfortunately it was discontinued and replaced with the Condor.

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