LTO extends vehicle registration for plates ending “6”

More good news for those with vehicle plate numbers ending in 6. Yesterday, the LTO announced that you won’t have to worry about registering -well, not yet, at least – because they are issuing an extension until July 31, 2022.

Lto Vehicle Registration Plate Ending 6

Photo: LTO Facebook Page

The agency posted the announcement on its official Facebook page yesterday, so you don’t have to worry about this being legit. Motor vehicle owners base the month of registration for their vehicles on the last number of their license plates. For plates that end in 6, they normally have to be registered within June. Given the extension, everyone has an extra month to do so.

LTO Vehicle Registration extensions

The LTO extending the period of vehicle registration has become quite the norm since the start of the pandemic. Providing vehicle owners more time to do so also allows them to properly plan their travels to their nearest branch to get it done. As long as it is accomplished within the already extended time frame, no penalties nor late fees will be collected from them. Regardless, of course, we strongly suggest getting it done at the soonest time that owners can.

Getting it done and out of the way as “normal” isn’t a bad thing, so long as your schedule permits. Given how so many would do such things at the last minute, you wouldn’t want to get caught in that mad rush, right? While these extensions are always welcome, it’s not a reason to delay registering for no reason.


UPDATE: Extension given to plates ending in “7”

Mikko Juangco
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  1. Expired na rehistro ko ngayong june tapos ang need sa emission center may plaka o kaya Certificate ng virtual plate Eh wala oa ngang binibigay ang casa papaano ako makakapag parehistro putek na yan

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