LTO extends vehicle registration for plates ending 8, 9, and 0

Yet another extension for vehicle registration has been announced by the LTO. Aside from extending the validity of licenses and permits, among others, those whose vehicle plates end in the numbers 8, 9, and 0 have been given a 1-month extension for renewal. This information comes straight from the government agency’s official Facebook page so again, this is definitely legitimate information.

Good news, indeed!

Lto Vehicle Registration Plate Ending 8 9 0 Inline 01

Photo: LTO

Vehicle registration extension is again given by LTO

As can be seen in the agency’s infographic, those vehicles whose plates end in “8” – which are due for registration this month – can be registered without any penalties until the end of September. Those ending in “9” can renew until the end of October instead of within September, and those that end in “0” can do so until the end of November instead of October.

Extensions for registration have seemed to become the norm. Given that we still are in the middle of a pandemic, a 1-month reprieve has already become normal and has already become the “common practice” since 2022. It’s a good thing as well. Though not a reason to delay getting it done for no other reason, this is the LTO’s effort to reduce the incidence of having a high volume of people in their offices to renew their registration.

As always, take this as an opportunity to simply plan your registration affairs with the LTO ahead of time. Once you can, please do get it done so as not to get stuck along with other people who might have thought it wise to do so at the last minute.

After all, that’s the whole point of these extensions: to minimize the volume of people in enclosed spaces, right?

Mikko Juangco
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