Fines will be collected! LTO penalizes 8 dealerships for breaking motor vehicle registration timeline

The LTO recently posted an exact timeline that all motor vehicle dealerships must comply with 14 for registering a newly purchased vehicle. It didn’t take long for them to gather information on dealerships who have failed to do so and they already have eight dealerships on the list of those who will be served hefty fines.

8 dealerships did not meet LTO new vehicle registration deadline

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The signing of Memorandum Circular 2021-2294 or “Rules on the Initial Registration of Motorcycles and Penalties for Violations Thereof” by LTO Chief Assistant Secretary Jayart Tugade solidifies a 7-11 day window for dealerships to complete delivery of a brand new motor vehicle’s OR, CR, and license plates. A 3-5 day window is given for MC dealerships to provide the same.

The agency has caught wind of an MC dealership taking 7 days to comply with the mandate, with others taking as long as 11 days to do so. The resolution of the Manufacturer, Assembler, Importer, Rebuilder, Dealer, and Other Entities (MAIRDOEs) Accreditation Committee has already been signed by the agency chief himself, laying down the law on the erring dealerships.

“Dealers have the responsibility of making sure that the vehicle registration processing time is observed strictly. Any delays may have repercussions on the public or client trying to purchase a vehicle in terms of their need for the vehicle, especially if it is needed for business,” Tugade said in a statement.

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Such delays can also domino into more backlogs, particularly with plate issuance, that the agency has been dealing with for years on end. “We don’t want that to happen anymore during my watch,” Tugade later added.

He likewise emphasized that non-compliance with the process can greatly affect the public and the LTO itself. The laws and regulations on the complete registration process of brand-new vehicles must be carried out. The dealerships have been slapped with a PHP 20,000 fine and were reminded that subsequent violations of the timeline can land heftier fines and penalties.

Lto License Plate Storage

It was only a matter of time before we see mandates being enforced, and we hope this sets a precedent. Given the LTO‘s resolve to shape up and provide better service to the public, perhaps this will serve as a lesson and reason enough to enforce the agency’s policies consistently, and more importantly, fairly.

If you’re reading this and you have a brand new motor vehicle that is due to be released, tell us if your dealership meets the set window and deadline. This will be most interesting.

Mikko Juangco
  1. My hondq pcx abs was released to me on April 30, 2023 until now no OR and CR from honda motortrade camarin. They said they filed to LTO may 4. I was asking which branch of LTO and said its confidential. This has to stop, i paid the first month and i cannot use my brand new motorcycle

  2. Purchase benelli panerea in san fernando brach Jan 23 2023 hangga ngaun wala parin sinasabi nili LTO maimpis ang nag hold sa kanila kaya hangga ngaun wala parin or cr

    • Reply Avatar of Jeffrey Hamilton
      Jeffrey Hamilton May 6, 2023 at 1:02 pm

      how long did it take to obtain “or cr” ?

      • Reply Avatar of Bernard Joshua Caranto
        Bernard Joshua Caranto August 22, 2023 at 9:26 pm

        Purchases my honda pcx sa Motorexpress Rosario Pasig last June 17. August 23, 2023 na ngayon. Wala pang ORCR, hindi ako nirereplyan ng Agent. Ang sabi napasa na daw sa LTO last July 19. Unfortunately walang nangyayare. Di ko alam kung totoo bang mapasa or what.

  3. Purchase benelli panerea jan 23 hangga ngaun wala pa or cr sabi ng dealer hold daw sila ng LTO maimpis. Pano po mag file ng complaints?

  4. Purchased Jan 28, honda brv. 17th working day na today. Wla nmn mpkita na CSR or transmittal si dealer, waiting daw kay LTO.

  5. Can complaints be file via online

  6. Paano pag inquire sa online ang aking plate number hanggang ngayon wala parin cash naman ang motor ko .

  7. Hi I have recently released a car for 1 week now. The dealership committed that the OR/CR will be released in 2 – 3 months, clearly ang violation. How can I report this to LTO? Thanks

  8. I just purchased a new motorcycle in a motortrade branch. they told me it will take 3 to 4 weeks. It’s already on its 2nd week now. No OR/CR yet

  9. Bakit po ang tagal lumabas ng plate ng motor namin, mag seven years na wala pang plaka, salamat.

  10. I have brand new 2 skygo motorcycle in December 2022 and still nothing from them who can I report them


  12. Dapat pgmultahin rin ang mga dealers n ayaw ibigay ung mga nrelease n mga original n mga plaka,, sabi ng LTO nrelease n ung plaka pgkukunin n s dealers wala p raw😠

  13. my wife bought a brand new motorcycle in Calbayog. She paid cash. About 10 days later tha agents contacted her and said they made a mistake. She must pay P10,000 more. We could buy a better and bigger cc for almost the same price they require now. I said no to them as they basically mislead us. Now they refuse to do the REGISTRATION. Almost 2 years now. What must I do now? Please advise

  14. Dapat po talaga, yun Honda click 125 FI binili ko ng cash sa STRONG MOTOR-Guindulman, Bohol noon December 2019 nagkaroon ng temporary registration last July 2020 hanggang ngayon wala almost 2 years wala rin plaka

  15. Reply Avatar of Alfred Gerard Delos Angeles
    Alfred Gerard Delos Angeles February 8, 2023 at 12:02 pm

    I would like to post my complain.. we bought our Geely Coolray SE last December 29, 2022 at Geely Quezon Avenue, and we paid in cash.. up to this writing the dealer has been telling us that our documents are still with the CSR (planta daw nila).. after reading this article i would like to invoke my consumer privelages that we are not being addressed.. can we be enlightened on our query? Thank you

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