MMDA Chief opposed to controversial proposal for EDSA Bus Carousel removal

The EDSA Bus Carousel, AKA Bus Lane, has been around for a good amount of time now. Apparently, it’s been causing a “dire economic impact” on bus company operations and some have come forward proposing the abolishment of the exclusive lane. With the government already having spent a substantial amount of money for its creation, upkeep, and further improvement, MMDA Chief Atty. Don Artes has weighed in and is opposed to the said proposal.

Bus companies blaming financial losses on implementation of EDSA Bus Carousel

Mmda Edsa Bus Lane Bus Carousel Proposal To Close Inline 01 Min

Photo: Metro Manila Development Authority

A group of Metro Manila bus operators (Mega Manila Consortium) has allegedly sent a proposal for the abolition of the EDSA Bus Carousel. According to representatives of these said operators, “they have already incurred since the EDSA Bus Carousel was imposed, how some operators are forced to sell their units and abandon their operations, how many of them fail to fulfill their amortization schedule with their banks, skyrocketing prices of petroleum products, and other issues”.

They engaged in a dialogue with the LTFRB last week and its representatives led by LTFRB Chairperson Atty. Teofilo Guadiz III listened to their opinions and grievances. The agency likewise assured that they will look into the concerns presented and that they will look for “mutually beneficial solutions”.

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Photo: Don Artes

For his part, MMDA Chief Atty. Don Artes believes in the success of the EDSA Bus Carousel, stating that it has been effective in transporting commuters as well as shortening travel times. “Commuter travel time along EDSA was cut in half because of the EDSA Bus Carousel,” said Artes. That said, he is leaning towards opposing the proposed bus lane closure. Bringing back passenger buses along EDSA under the old system would cause traffic congestion, he added.

Artes also brought up the fact that the government has already spent substantial amounts on the Bus Lane and the bicycle lane along EDSA. The rightmost lane is reserved for bicycles since the Bus Lane’s implementation on the left lane, and bringing back the “old bus routes” means buses will again ply the Metro’s main thoroughfare’s right lane. At present, its stations are still being improved while the Department of Transportation (DOTr) has also completed its Bike Master Plan and has continued to build infrastructure under the project.

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Photo: Metro Manila Development Authority

Ultimately, Artes and the MMDA will defer to the DOTr’s decision, though, saying “It is the DOTR that must decide whether or not the EDSA Bus Carousel should be removed.” The MMDA along with other traffic law enforcement agencies are the ones who implement the rules governing the use and exclusivity of the EDSA Bus Carousel lane, and should it be abolished, we can assume that their enforcers will comply and cease enforcing the current rules.

What are your thoughts on this proposal? Does the exclusive bus lane work? Did it improve travel times and the commuters’ experience? Or was the bus lane of old better? We’d be very interested to know your opinions on this matter. Chime into the comments! This should be interesting!

Mikko Juangco
  1. Reply Avatar of PACENCIA C. POLICARPIO Policarpio
    PACENCIA C. POLICARPIO Policarpio October 7, 2023 at 10:42 pm

    Edsa bus lane is the best solution to our severly traffic problem,faster than ever before,,less accident,its helps passengers to be educated better on where they should wait the unloading amd loading point.bicycle lane is also verry helpful same as the bus lane,though traffic still bad but with these 2 exclusive lane for bus and bicycle helps improving the flow of traffic from.severe to moderate,,however we still knoun as traffic here in Philippines is just so so bad.we do hope these case would improve to better flow of traffic soon.

  2. Have any of these people rode the bus before and after? How can 3000 buses clogging up EDSA at a snails pace be better than the Carousel that can ply QC to Makati in 15 minutes? Seems theres a bit of flawed logic, If 500 buses can’t make a profit, how can 3000?

  3. Why fix what ain’t broke? Those bus companies have to lessen their greed! With the bus carousel in place, there seems to be much less accidents involving bus drivers blaming their speeding and wreckless driving on brake failure or what have you!!!


    We motorists were not in favor at first but got used to it. Now, the bus companies must get used to it too!!!

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