MMDA seeks support from ride-hailing companies, gas stations for motorcyclist discipline and extra rain shelters

The MMDA’s plans for handing out penalties and fines for huddled motorcyclists blocking traffic flow while raining have caused a bit of a stir. What most have managed to miss, is that there is an actual law that prohibits this practice and that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that it is dangerous. The Metro Manila Development Authority does have some contingencies in mind, though, and the talks with relevant companies and individuals have actually begun.

MMDA asks for discipline from ride-hailing motorcyclists, establishment of rain shelters from gas station operators

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In a bid to promote road safety, the MMDA has held a discussion with ride-hailing firms and gas station operators; this is in line with supporting projects and implementing measures for the benefit of motorcyclists during a heavy (and sudden) downpour.

Representatives from Grab, Angkas, Joyrideide, Toktok, Transportify Philippines, Maxim Riders Food Delivery, and Move It were present at the said meeting.

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Photo: Metro Manila Development Authority

From the side of these ride-hailing companies, MMDA Acting Chairman Atty. Don Artes stated “We urge motorcycle ride-hailing firms to impose administrative sanctions on their partner motorcycle riders who violate traffic rules. Seeking cover from the rain may endanger the riders from being hit by other vehicles and also cause traffic congestion.” It was noted that representatives from Grab and Joyride said they will remind their drivers to strictly follow rules and regulations.

“Gasoline station operators have asked us to submit our proposal and guidelines on the use of the tents to address safety and operational concerns,” said also added. The Acting Chairman said that gasoline station operators have supported the initiative of the MMDA to put up tents on their premises to provide temporary shelters for riders when it is raining. However, the agency has to address the considerations and restrictions raised during their meeting.

Ride-hailing companies and gas station operators were also enjoined to support the establishment of the MMDA‘s Motorcycle Riding Academy by providing priority employment to participants who will finish the course. Aiming to provide riders with basic training on handling motorcycles and following road and traffic rules through both theoretical and practical aspects of motorcycle riding, the Academy is set to open by the 3rd quarter of this year.

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Photo: Trisha Ann Simbulan as shared by MMDA

Artes reminded everyone during the meeting that effective August 1, traffic violation tickets to will be issued to riders taking shelter under underpasses and flyovers, and violators will be fined PHP 500 for obstruction.

We can probably expect more sentiments of support and backlash for this new policy that, to be honest, should simply have been enforced since time immemorial, in the days leading to the beginning of fine-collection, and the months leading up to the establishment of rain shelters. We’ll keep you all updated on any developments, that you can count on. In the meantime, do drive safely out there, rain or shine. Oh, and do follow rules and laws, regardless of the weather, yes?

Mikko Juangco
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