Nissan set to showcase new Nismo model during 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon

In a rather interesting and suspense-building move, Nissan has released a teaser photo of a new model. This new model is set to be shown to the world during the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon, and it isn’t just any plain model, it’s a Nismo.

Nissan Nismo model to debut at Tokyo Auto Salon

What model could it be though? Based on the shape found on the teaser photo it seems to be something big in terms of size. Ruling out the smaller vehicles we could assume the possibility that it might be the Ariya? or the X-trail? getting the Nismo treatment.

Beefing up bigger models is not something out of the ordinary for the brand, they have done so with the Patrol already. What is interesting though would be the prospect of the Ariya getting a Nismo version. Given that the model is an important one for the automaker it would make sense to spend the R&D money and time on giving it Nismo bits and pieces.

If it is indeed the Nissan Ariya we can assume that the model will receive some exterior updates, as well as performance and handling improvements. The wait for the answer won’t be long, as the reveal is set for tomorrow January 12, 2024.

Pablo Salapantan

Pablo Salapantan

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