Toyota Hilux EV slated for official production sometime in 2025

If there’s one thing Toyota has been hesitant about is the full implementation of EVs into its ecosystem of products. In fact, brand Chairman Akio Toyoda has been very vocal about EVs in the recent past, but that hasn’t stopped them from making a few EVs here and there depending on the purpose.

Toyota Hilux EV to enter mass production

One of the more intriguing EVs under the brand umbrella is the Hilux battery electric vehicle (BEV). This model was previewed, teased, and eventually confirmed in the past few months, without much detail apart from its being studied and tested.

Toyota Hilux Ev 2

A report coming from an interview with Reuters though seems to confirm that the Hilux EV is set for an official production run. That interview with a company executive highlighted that the Hilux EV may start production by the end of 2025 in Thailand.

Choosing Thailand as a location makes sense because the Thai market is one of the largest pickup truck markets in the world with over 50% of the total sales being pickups.

Toyota Hilux Ev 3

The Hilux EV will likely follow the concept previewed in 2022, mainly for use in a commercial aspect rather than a passenger type of pickup. It will probably be the same single-cab long bed type in 4×2 form and have a decent amount of battery range to boot. The Toyota Hilux EV is primarily for the Thailand market, but a global rollout is not out of the question.

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