New car buying experience with used car prices and selections? That’s the Toyota T-Sure way

We all know that when it comes to buying a vehicle in the Philippines the experience and the task itself are held in such high regard. Filipinos take car buying very seriously, and this makes cars almost like members of our family. 

Some people prefer to buy a new vehicle, while others opt for secondhand. While there are many options out there, Toyota has found a way to make an even better proposition—a New Car buying experience for Used Toyota vehicles; T-Sure. 

T-Sure for me?

After my marriage, the first thing I purchased was a car that ideally was supposed to be shared between my wife and me. As the months went by though I realized that our schedules would conflict almost 90% of the time. Take note, despite what I do for a living it’s not like I have a car every week for review or video, there are weeks where I don’t. 

Toyota T-Sure

It is during these weeks that I am left bargaining (sometimes arguing) with my wife to use the car we bought. After some time, I made a conscious decision to rectify the situation, by looking at used vehicles to buy (without my wife knowing).

Lucky for me, I was reintroduced to T-Sure, Toyota’s used car program, so I went on to investigate just exactly what it had on offer. 

Sure ka sa T-Sure!

Since this was set to be a serious journey involving money, my colleagues (Carlos and Kelvin) couldn’t resist but accompany me to the Toyota Balintawak T-Sure showroom.

T-Sure has come a long way from being TCUV (Toyota Certified Used Vehicles). Rebranding to T-Sure has brought along some welcome changes to entice potential customers and conspicuous consumption experts like me. 

Toyota T-Sure

T-Sure is so important to the Toyota business ecosystem that it is available nationwide through a decent amount of dealer networks, something the brand is keen on informing more people about.

Some T-Sure dealerships no longer hide within the complex of current dealerships. The one we visited in Balintawak has its own space and building located across the street from the main showroom In all honesty, it’s such a huge complex one would be hard-pressed to miss the building altogether. 

Toyota T-Sure

The first floor of the building is a showroom, complete with some servicing areas, and a full detailing bay where vehicles are refreshed before being sold. The showroom is right next to the waiting area and customer lounge much like you’d find in any brand dealership. I have to give credit to Toyota for making the T-Sure dealership feel and look as enticing as the main one. I didn’t feel like a second-class citizen for wanting to buy second-hand.

Toyota T-Sure

I was greeted cheerily by the people who worked there, and they patiently answered my many questions and ran me through all the options available. 

I learned that there are three classes or tiers for T-Sure vehicles:

Toyota T-Sure

  • Elite Used Vehicles: 211-point inspected, 1-year limited warranty on engine and transmission, Low Financing rates

Toyota T-Sure

  • Value Plus Used Vehicles: 211-point inspected, 3-month limited warranty on engine and transmission, Low Financing rates

Toyota T-Sure

  • Value Lite Used Vehicles: 211-point inspected, No limited warranty coverage on engine and transmission, Low Financing rates

These tiers allow the brand to offer all types of vehicles and pricing points depending on customer needs. The key common denominators between all tiers are the 211-point vehicle inspection to ensure each car is still road-worthy before being sold, and the accessibility of low financing rates for those who can’t break the bank (people like me). 

Trade in at T-Sure

I was also presented with the idea that customers can trade in their current vehicles to help ease the cost of buying a brand-new Toyota model. The trade-in value of course is dependent on the inspection the T-Sure accredited appraiser does. T-Sure has a proprietary program/application that enables them to consistently score and inspect every vehicle.

Toyota T-Sure

The trade-in program also provides options for those who aren’t keen on spending for a brand-new car. Those who own a Wigo and suddenly need the space of an Innova can easily trade in and get a decent price on a T-Sure certified Innova. 

Toyota T-Sure

Another reason that the trade-in program exists is so that customers can enjoy a hassle-free process and can effortlessly upgrade to a brand-new Toyota model of their choice, making the situation a win-win. This got me thinking if I should maybe trade in my old non-hybrid Camry for the newest Hybrid Electric Camry. (Intrusive thoughts go away please…) 

Toyota T-Sure

More benefits and highlights of T-Sure include the hassle-free and easy application. I was informed by numerous people who worked there that there are instances where customers would walk in during the morning and leave that very same day with a T-Sure vehicle of their choice. That, of course, is only possible if the customer is able to complete all the requirements on the same day, but nonetheless, if you’re so excited to buy a car, the folks at T-Sure will work their very hardest to give it to you immediately.


My T-Sure Experience

As I walked through the showroom floor and contemplated my choices, I was told that there are more vehicles available upstairs for viewing. I followed the person and lo and behold a fully stacked and filled second showroom was right above my head the whole time.

Toyota T-Sure

After careful consideration of what second car my wife and I would need, I settled on three vehicles from each tier. A non-hybrid 2.5 V Camry, a previous generation Corolla Altis, and a mid-2000s Fortuner. 

Each vehicle would be an excellent choice, and I meticulously examined and spoke to the salesperson about each model. I have to give it to the T-Sure people—each vehicle despite their tier was clean, generally in road-worthy condition, and presented such good value for money. 

Toyota T-Sure

To consistently keep vehicles from different usage and ownership experiences in decent nick is no easy task. That is a testament to how T-Sure really does provide what I mentioned earlier “New Car buying experience for the Used Car segment”. 

Toyota T-Sure

After spending nearly a whole day at the T-Sure dealership, I settled on my choice, (Carlos and Kelvin’s constant prodding had something to do with it). I couldn’t tear my eyes off the Pearl White Camry 2.5 V and without the knowledge of my wife went through all the necessary steps to purchase.

After acquiring all the information I needed, I informed the T-Sure people that a decision would be made soon after presenting my case to the commander I sleep next to every night. 

Toyota T-Sure

To this very day, I have only dreamt of walking away with that Toyota Camry and taking the obligatory big key photo in front of it upon release. 

If anything my experience with T-Sure has taught me that for a brand as big as Toyota to consider offering top-notch experience for even just secondhand car buyers reflects on just how well they know the local market. Anybody who walks into a T-Sure dealership is treated the same way as if they were walking into the dealership for brand-new vehicles, and that alone merits enough consideration for T-Sure to be in the minds of car buyers. 

P.S. I am currently sleeping on the couch in the garage.

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