Davao taxis now accept fare payments via on-board ATM

Technology is slowly changing/improving the way we commute. In the past, we (commuters) are already contented with radio, on-board TV and air conditioner (which sometimes can do more harm than good). But with the boom of wireless technology in our country, other added services like on-board Wi-Fi hotspot and now cashless commuting through wireless payment terminals are now made possible.

Based on experience, Mabuhay Taxi drivers noticed that there were unavoidable instances that they don’t have change for big amounts and/or passengers sometimes doesn’t have cash with them when they leave their flats so they ask drivers to do a quick stop at a near ATM. These two situations can cause a bit of an inconvenience for both the passenger and the driver.

atm payment davao • Davao taxis now accept fare payments via on-board ATM

That’s why the Mabuhay Taxi Corporation came up with a rather simple but ingenious idea to imbue their few flagship taxis (the black ones) with a handheld payment terminal that accepts payment via Megalink and Bancnet debit cards. This POS (point-of-sales) machine, which is usually found at mall or supermarket check-out counters, communicates to the server via GPRS to process transactions. So as long as there’s mobile phone signal in an area, commuters can pay the driver through their accredited ATM card.

But it doesn’t stop there. These taxis will also be equipped with GPS navigator to aid its drivers to find the shortest route and avoid traffic jam. It also provides defense against theft because these cabs’ location are monitored in the company’s HQ also via GPS. And the best part about it is that these added features are offered at no extra charge.

davao taxi atm • Davao taxis now accept fare payments via on-board ATM

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, we believe that these little improvements will present other advantages in the future, both for the commuters and the drivers. This may spark a healthy competition between operators that pushes them to improve their services by doing the same or maybe even better. But with any other technological advancement, this may also pose some security threats especially that there’s a credit/debit card involved. What do you think about these Techie Taxis? Will this bring more good than bad?


Ronnie Bulaong
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  2. Wow! Buti pa ang nasa dulo nag step up na, samantalang dito sa metro, wala pading pagbabago, low tech padin 🙁

  3. Cool! The people of Davao are very well disciplined. It’s a very nice place. Sobrang disiplinado. Parang wala ka sa Pilipinas. Hindi pa pwede dito yan sa Manila. Too risky. Great post by the way. 🙂


  4. Balik kayo sa mga nanay niyo sa bundok!

  5. I agree with the observation of Davao taxi drivers. I went to Davao before and the taxi driver at the airport was very proud. He told me that I shouldn’t worry as he claims all taxi drivers in Davao are honest and will not take advantage of their visitors. He was indeed very courteous and helpful. I couldn’t say the same for Metro Manila taxi drivers. Although Di ko naman nilalahat ng taxi drivers sa Manila pero talagang malayong malayo talaga.
    Kudos to Davao and their taxi fleet for taking advantage of technology for their comfort and convenience.

  6. Living in Manila sucks. I can’t wait to get back to the province.

  7. And don’t forget, your MRT and LRT that you people enjoy? And that expensive but useless NAIA terminals that you have? And almost every infrastructure ever built in Metro Manila?

    Even we, the probinsyanos are subsidizing it THROUGH OUR TAXES, without adding any benefit for us lowly “probinsyanos”. For every PHP 10 (Ten Philippine Peso) of tax that we give up to the centralized BIR, our local government only gets PHP 1.50 (One Peso and Fifty Philippine Centavo) in terms of budget and infrastructure.

    Everytime you take a ride at the MRT and LRT and emjoy your infrastructures, overpass, underpass and flyovers, think about it. Have a nice day.

  8. You like stereotypes? Ok, I’m game. Let’s begin.

    Imperialistic Metro Manila lording and ruling over all the other Filipinos in the rural countryside where the GDP and GNP production, for the whole nation, is reliant. Take away the “probinsyanos” and what does Metro Manila have?

    What are you going to sell? Your good looks? Ha ha ha.

    You “savvy” “urban” people think you are better than us? You have been riding the rural people like carabaos, all to your benefit. And the inequality of pay is horrendous. As if the price of a kilo of rice and a can of milk is any different from where you are to where we are right now.

    Wake up and smell the coffee. We live in a Third World country where all of your MacBooks and iPhones don’t count for anything. So for goodness sake, stop the act and be happy for what good there is in any part of our country.

  9. Pinoy pride talaga. Proud mga Pinoy sa dayuhan na may katiting na dugong Pinoy. Pero pagdating sa totoong Filipino, may mga prejudice, biases and superiority complex pa rin.

  10. Takot kasi mga tao masalvage dyan sa Davao kaya supposedly mas disiplina sila. The government there rules through fear.

  11. “Unlike Manila” “Better than Manila” “Compared to Manila” Oh please, not that I’m not happy for Davao, but stop comparing your city to Manila. You have your own economic improvements, so just be happy and stop comparing as this creates some tension. Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually glad that our country is heading to a non-Manila-centric ideology.

    You don’t have to shove on our faces that most taxi drivers here suck. But if you insist, please have the initiative to get back some of your probinsyanos who become squatters, lawbreakers, crime-makers, and desperate undisciplined cab drivers, right Chad? 🙂 Oh and I’m not only referring to Davao, all the other cities as well.

    I don’t hear people saying “Whoo! Only concert of this certain band here in Manila! Ang galing ng Manila kesa sa this certain city!” My God. Have some decency.

    (I’m not bitter. This is just my exaggerated way of showing my hate towards comparisons.)

  12. batingting nyan high tech narin, hehehe

  13. Now it is ATM and debit card, credit card and NFC payments are reportedly on its way also.

    Dabawenyos (and guests)can call LTO Davao Region hotline 227-7811 or text 0918-9260-903 to report erring drivers. They must take note of the taxi unit’s license plate as well as the time and place of the incident.

  14. Tama Davao taxi drivers are very honest. Shock ako na kahit piso na sukli hinabol pa ako para ibigay. Kaya tama lang na Davao ang 1st sa ganitong technology

  15. Drivers in Davao are way better than drivers in Manila. I can’t tell how big the difference is but it’s really really big, LOL.

    This is infact a great way for Davao. Lifestyle here isn’t as complicated in Manila. I wouldn’t trade Davao to any city. ♥

  16. Perhaps all the paranoia about ATM skimming, etc. can only be attributed to Metro Manila. I understand the people’s sentiments esp. when it is common knowledge that most taxi driver in MM are dishonest or unscrupulous. People from the capital should go out more and visit other places in PH. Innovation isn’t confined anymore in Manila.

  17. I agree. Based on my personal experience mas matatapat talaga mga taxi driver sa Davao kumpara dito sa Manila.

  18. I agree. Based on personal experience din mas matatapat talaga ang mga taxi driver sa Davao kumpara dito sa Manila.

  19. The government should force all taxis to have this. Also the windows need to be tinted it saves fuel cost and requires less aircon to keep the car cool. Also, the color black absorbs heat, it takes more energy to cool a black car than a white, as white reflects heat.

    Also, they should make sure the shocks are really good , riding in a cab sometimes feels like being beaten up

  20. goodfor davao. honest mga drivers dito. not so in manila. daming manloloko dyan. speaking from personal experience.

  21. this can pose a threat to commuters.
    commuters should be educated with ATM skimming devices.

    • Davao,iloilo,bacolod,cebu are honest taxi drivers so far… sa aking paglilibot libot kahit centavos ibabarya pa sayo unlike manila grabe mga taxi drivers sobra sobra kung sumingil

    • With Davao taxi drivers, wala akong pangit na masabi. They are honest and they will give you your change to the last centavo. Unlike in Metro Manila, mapapa-away ka pa di pa kasali ung taxi drivers na hold-uppers. Kaya kami dito sa Davao proud.

    • It’ll only pose a threat to Manila commuters. Davao taxi drivers are 100% honest so don’t you ever compare our drivers to your desperate undisciplined drivers in the capital

  22. Hope our internet infrastructure improves in terms of coverage and lowered cost (especially on unlimited) so we may get a 3G connected, fully wifi equipped taxi combined with a GPS/AGPS system for traffic navigation and VoIP communication between drivers and dispatchers + surveilance system to protect the drivers as well.

  23. This is a good step for Davao taxis. This kind of payment system has long been implemented in SG so I’m glad I will finally be seeing this kind of system in my hometown and hopefully really at no extra charge.

  24. just my opinion. Kung sa cash nga nangugulang pa yang mga driver na yan, metrong mabilis pumatak, idadaaan ka sa pagkahaba habang shortcut at mga manners at ugali na kamura mura. Dapat pag tuunan muna kung ano ang nandyan, hindi puro dag dag ng dagdag…

    • Never pa akong nakasakay ng Taxi sa davao na nangulang.. yung change as much as possible ay sakto.. ako nalang nagbibigay ng tip 🙂

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