Government to add 12 more bridges in Metro Manila

The hot topic in transportation now is the increase in vehicle volume on our nation’s capital’s roads. The main contributing factor is the shift to Alert level 1 classification and the return to on-site work for most professionals.

Various transportation and other Government agencies have been heavily discussing proposals and other programs that could help create a better flow of traffic in Metro Manila. One such proposal has been to create and build more roads, particularly bridges.

According to a news report by, Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez recently bared plans for as many as 12 new bridges crossing the National Capital Regions (NCR) waterways.

Secretary Dominguez said that three of these bridges are already set to begin construction sometime in the first half of 2022, due to a $175.1 million (over P9 billion) loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The specific bridges are the Homeowner’s Drive–A. Bonifacio Bridge, the Kabayani Street–Matandang Balara Bridge, and the Marcos Highway–Saint Mary Avenue Bridge. Scheduled completion of the bridges is sometime in 2026.

Secretary Dominguez further added that these bridges will be built to perform better against floods and earthquakes, also stressing the job opportunities these bridges can bring.

“With their high multiplier effect and job-generating potential, investments in infrastructure will be the engine for our rapid economic recovery,” Dominguez said.

“Although we have 30 bridges across major waterways of Metro Manila, they are insufficient to efficiently move vehicular traffic. Thus, we are planning to build 12 more iconic bridges in Metro Manila over the medium term.”
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