House Bill filed to stop abusive taxi drivers


To protect commuters from abusive taxi drivers in the country, Valenzuela City Rep. Sherwin Gatchalian has filed House Bill No. 3681 or the Bill of Rights of Taxi Passengers.

Section 3 of H.B. No. 3681 enumerates the Rights of Taxi Passengers which include the right to a properly dressed and courteous driver; a clean, safe and smoke-free taxi; be transported to their stated destination regardless of trip length; request for a quiet/ silent trip; and be given the exact amount of change.

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edsa buses • House Bill filed to stop abusive taxi drivers

Under Section 4, which lists the Responsibilities of Taxi Drivers and Operators, taxi drivers shall display inside the taxi his driver’s license and the Rights of Taxi Passengers; accept all trips regardless of length, refrain from soliciting or requiring passengers to pay more than the displayed meter fare; and to protect the passenger’s health or safety.

Taxi drivers who violate any of the provisions will be penalized with a minimum fine of Php500 up to Php2,000 for the first offense. Higher penalties will be implemented for succeeding offenses.

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Hit the source link below for the full details of House Bill No. 3681.


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