Fuel price rollback confirmed for tomorrow September 6: Diesel to go down PHP 1.55/L and Gasoline by PHP 2.60/L

In the past few weeks, prices of fuel have been increasing in pretty sizable amounts. Just last week diesel went up by as much as PHP 6.10, while most of us have been preparing for the worst (a continuous rise in prices), it seems a fuel price rollback is on the way.

September 6, 2022 fuel price rollback

Numerous fuel companies have already announced their fuel price rollback for tomorrow September 6, 2022, most notably Shell, Clean Fuel, Petro Gazz, and Sea Oil.

The price rollback breakdown is as follows:

Diesel: – PHP 1.55/L

Gasoline: – PHP 2.60/L

This rollback will effectively bring down gasoline prices to around 60 plus pesos per liter in most stations, but diesel will likely remain at around 79-80 plus pesos per liter.

fuel price rollback

As much as we’d like the prices to continually lower, we’re certain that the fluctuating nature will remain for the time being. Right now, all we can do is be thankful for the rollbacks we are getting, no matter the cost.

fuel price rollback

Clean Fuel Price Rollback

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