Painful fuel price hike tomorrow August 30, PHP 6.10 diesel, PHP 1.40 gasoline

A significant fuel price increase was announced for this week a few days ago. While it was already confirmed at the time, we now have the official amounts to be added per liter. As of this writing, gasoline will see an increase of PHP 1.40 while diesel will mark up by PHP 6.10 at the pumps. Even kerosene is not spared as it will get a price hike of PHP 6.10, too.

Tomorrow’s fuel price increase makes for two consecutive weeks of hikes

As usual, we can expect all fuel players to increase their pump prices again. After getting a long reprieve of continuous rollbacks, prices are on the uptrend yet again resulting in this and last week’s price adjustments. As a reminder, precise prices per liter will differ per station, and per area, but the price increases are specifically set at PHP 1.40 for gas, PHP 6.10 for diesel, and PHP 6.10 for kerosene per liter.

Fuel Price Increase August 30 2022 Inline

Photo: Cleanfuel

Cleanfuel is again one of the earliest to confirm its price adjustments. As posted on their official Facebook page, the amount to be added per liter is confirmed by the infographic we see above. Expect the pumps to be updated with new prices starting at 8:01 AM tomorrow.

It’s only a matter of time before all the other fuel players in the country confirm the inevitable on their respective social media pages. We’ll be updating this page for official information as they come in so do feel free to check back on the amounts and at what times the different brands will adjust their fuel prices.

In line with the MMDA’s statement that continuous fuel price increases have contributed to a reduction in vehicular volume, we have seen quite the opposite. Traffic jams have become noticeably heavier in the past week alone, and that would account for a lot more vehicles needing to top up on fuel. That said, the demand will again be higher, and we hope the supply can keep up.

As we head into another uncertain week (more like weeks) of fuel price adjustments, make sure you follow these steps to save more fuel and to stop doing these in the thought that they help you save gas or diesel.

Every drop of fuel and every centavo counts, as we always say. We’ll need all the fuel-saving tips and tricks we can get, for sure.

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