Honda PH posts 20+ km/l fuel mileage for the Civic and HR-V during recent economy run

One of the biggest issues facing motorists now is the ever-fluctuating fuel prices. Every week is a constant nail-biting affair as motorists wait for the latest fuel bulletins if the prices went up or down.

Suffice it to say, fuel economy and savings are top-of-mind for any prospective new vehicle buyers.

Honda Civic and HR-V fuel mileage

Honda is one brand taking the matter seriously, they recently conducted a fuel economy run in partnership with the Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP). During the said fuel economy run, Honda ran 3 of their vehicles; the Honda Civic RS Turbo, HR-V V Turbo CVT, and HR-V S CVT.

The All-New Civic RS Turbo CVT Honda SENSING achieved a fuel mileage of 21.43 kilometers per liter. Likewise, both variants of the All-New HR-V registered impressive fuel economy results. The V Turbo CVT did 24.34 kilometers per liter, and the S CVT recorded the highest fuel efficiency rating of 29.66 kilometers per liter. These were from 129 kilometers of highway driving, with 60-80 kph speed at 1,500-2,000 rpm, air-conditioning at 24°C temperature, and no. 1 fan speed.

While both the Civic RS and HR-V V Turbo registered decent numbers at 20+ km/l, it was the HR-V S CVT that posted an astonishing number, it generated nearly 30 km/l. Which is almost better than some hybrids on the market today.

Of course, there is credibility behind the results, but it was under certain driving conditions so it may not apply to everybody, nonetheless, Honda has some pretty fuel-efficient vehicles.

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Pablo Salapantan

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