Mega fuel price hike set for next week, Diesel to go up by PHP 5.40-5.70 and Gasoline PHP 1.30-1.60

According to a post by the GMA News Network Facebook page, we are headed for another big fuel price hike next week. Prepare yourselves, because the price increases are astronomical.

Fuel price hike details

The news network claims that an oil industry insider has given the following price range for diesel and gasoline:

Diesel: PHP 5.40-5.70

Gasoline: PHP  1.30-1.60

If these prove to be accurate, the price hike will effectively cancel out the previous week’s price rollbacks. Nonetheless, until fuel companies issue their official news bulletins next week, we won’t know for sure how much diesel and gasoline will go up.

Pablo Salapantan

Pablo Salapantan

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