Grab: Drivers may ask riders to present valid ID when riding

Grab drivers may now ask its riders to present a valid identification card (ID) as a verification measure before riding the vehicle, the TNVS company has announced in an official statement.

grab logo • Grab: Drivers may ask riders to present valid ID when riding

This comes with recent news that TNVS cars are now being the target of carjackers, the latest being identified as Amolato Maquidato Jr. who recently passed away after being shot by perpetrators pretending to be Grab riders and subsequently fleeing with his vehicle. Grab condemns the latest series of carjacking incidents that had happened in its driver base. “Grab is one with authorities in making sure that justice will be served and perpetrators will be put behind bars,” it said.

The TNVS is working on ways to eradicate or minimize these incidents in-app and while doing so, its drivers may ask its riders to present valid identification cards especially for those riding in the wee hours of night time.

See full statement below:

Grab assures that the identification presented to the drivers will be treated with utmost confidentiality. The company is now working with the respective government agencies to provide information on what could lead to the perpetrators fleeing with the victim’s car.



  1. In my opinion, they (Grab, Uber and the like) should add a verification process in their app before the user can start booking. The user should provide valid identification cards or with address verification (bills) also for higher security for the drivers. Just like in

  2. ID before starting the trip? Recto University, anyone? At night ship hours, only credit/debit card bookings should be allowed. Cash payment may still be okay provided that rider has registered a grab or uber account with his credit/debit card. May not be a foolproof system but definitely better than just asking an ID before starting a trip.

    • Debit card, I have in mind the BDO ATM/debit card.

    • ^ Then the perpetrators will use virtual Credit/Debit cards like those provided by paymaya and etc. Nah.

      I think, all mobile numbers should just be verified with SSS or Any valid government ID. Mobile numbers were necessary for Grab/Uber verification. So in case, authorities could always track the registered mobile numbers.

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