New Toyota Land Cruiser 250 gets a welcome beefing up by Modellista

Modellista is at it again, and in typical fashion, they wasted no time in coming up with a Land Cruiser 250 kit. Freshly published on its website, we get a peek at what they have at the ready for slapping onto the LC 250 and whether you think it’s sedate in stock form or ruggedly handsome as is, these new pieces will just make it look better, regardless.

Modellista makes new kit pieces available for Land Cruiser 250

2025 Toyota Land Cruiser Lc 250 Prado Modellista Inline 04 Min

Photo: Modellista

Before the official “release” of the Modellista kit for the Land Cruiser 250, it all started with a concept sketch; that’s the image you see above. And if you look at the image below, we can all see that it hasn’t veered too far from how it was first imagined. Some would argue that kits from this brand take a more subdued, classy look. Others would say that it makes any vehicle it gets slapped onto look more of a beast. Both are valid, but in the case of the LC 250, we think it does both.

2025 Toyota Land Cruiser Lc 250 Prado Modellista Inline 01 Min

Photo: Modellista

After looking at the online catalog, the kit consists mainly of added exterior pieces. You have the option of purchasing a front bumper guard, a splashguard, as well as a rear bumper garnish. Fender flares or “over fenders” as well as fender garnish pieces are also available. The former, by the way, comes in 3 colors: metallic, black, and white. Side moldings for the doors, a rear wing (spoiler), foglight frames (Signature Illumination Blade), as well as a tailgate garnish and rear bumper step guard are added into the mix.

Perhaps the best part of the dress-up package is the set of WingDancer XXIII alloy wheels from the customization house. It’s a multispoke wheel finished in a Black Mica x Polish x Black clear coat. We don’t know about you, but dumbed-down silver by way of black clear coats always look better. But if you think different, let’s all agree to disagree. It’s all good!

There are also a few items that made it to the Accessories list, and it includes an illuminated dashboard trim piece as well as a “dual purpose cushion”. The latter is basically a zipped up pillow which, when opened, can serve as a basket of sorts. Other accessories include LED fog lamp units and footlights, security license plate bolts, and other knick knacks that aren’t necessarily for the LC 250 but would fit nonetheless.

2025 Toyota Land Cruiser Lc 250 Prado Modellista Inline 02 Min

Photo: Modellista

With a nameplate as fabled as that of the LC, we can all expect everyone dealing with aftermarket goodies to really get their wares out there for the discerning enthusiasts; JAOS has done it, and now, Modellista’s at it, too. We can probably expect Toyota to come out with some GR goodies for the LC 250, too, and that’s something to think about and maybe even look forward to.

For now, let’s all feast our eyes on this new beauty of a beast. Who says kitting is tacky?

Mikko Juangco
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