The upcoming JAECOO 7 boasts of an intelligent cabin

JAECOO 7, an intelligent off-road SUV designed for urban elites, will be launched globally in the third quarter of this year. On the basis of excellent off-road performance, JAECOO also boasts a superior technological configuration – the “intelligent cabin”, which can improve the safety of the vehicle, achieve efficient human-vehicle interaction, and provide drivers with a comfortable driving experience.

Jaecoo 7 Urban 1

JAECOO 7 intelligent cabin

Equipped with the all-road drive intelligent system (ARDIS), and combined with global R&D capabilities and technical reserves, JAECOO 7 is able to achieve stable and powerful driving under various road conditions. To be specific, it can adjust the body state according to different road conditions in an intelligent manner, thus providing a safe and worry-free intelligent off-road experience. 

Jaecoo 7 interior

In terms of the IS(Intelligent system, the JAECOO 7 introduces the W-HUD (Windshield Head-Up Display) technology with adjustable height/brightness. It projects essential driving information directly onto the windshield, allowing the driver to obtain necessary information without shifting their sights, greatly enhancing convenience and safety.

In addition, JAECOO 7 adopts Qualcomm 8155 flagship chipset to make the vehicle more smooth, achieving faster response of vehicle functions such as intelligent navigation, music playback, and voice control, thus bringing drivers a more convenient and intelligent driving experience with a more efficient human-vehicle interaction.

Jaecoo 7 screen

Also, it is equipped with a peer-leading large and impressive 14.8-inch screen, which can intuitively display rich information and entertainment content, and allow the users to adjust brightness and height according to their preferences, providing the best visual experience. Moreover, JAECOO 7 provides 50W wireless fast charging for mobile devices, and is equipped with 64-color rhythmic ambient lights, it adds a unique and refined tone and atmosphere to the interior, creating a comfortable and advanced driving environment.

The interior design of the 7 demonstrates the characteristics and advantages of its intelligent cabin. Every detail is aimed at providing drivers with a safe, highly interactive, and comfortable driving experience, enabling consumers to enjoy a brand-new journey. JAECOO 7 will meet global users in the fourth quarter of this year. Stay tuned!

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