Isuzu Philippines continues its partnership with 2024 Philippine Rallycross Series

In a bold reaffirmation of its support for the motorsport community in the Philippines, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) has announced the renewal of its partnership with the 2024 Philippine Rallycross Series. This continuation of their collaboration, which commenced in 2021, underscores IPC’s steadfast commitment to motorsports, particularly rallycross, where the Isuzu D-MAX has consistently demonstrated its prowess and performance.

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The Philippine Rallycross Series, under the auspices of the Automobile Association of the Philippines, Inc. (AAP), serves as a platform for rallycross drivers and enthusiasts to exhibit their skills and evaluate their vehicles’ capabilities on demanding dirt tracks. IPC’s decision to extend its partnership with the series exemplifies its unwavering dedication to fostering the spirit and advancement of motorsports in the Philippines.

Isuzu D-MAX Rallycross

Photo: Isuzu Philippines Corporation

Speaking about the partnership, Mr. Robert Carlos, Assistant Division Head for Sales at IPC, emphasized, “Our renewed partnership with the Philippine Rallycross Series underscores Isuzu’s belief in the potency and fervor of Philippine motorsport. By showcasing our champion Isuzu D-MAX, which has secured victories in its category for two consecutive years, we pay tribute to the indomitable spirit of those who dare to push boundaries.”

At the core of IPC’s involvement lies the Isuzu D-MAX, celebrated for its robust performance in rallycross. Propelled by the formidable 4JJ3 Blue Power Diesel Engine, the D-MAX delivers a maximum power of 190 PS and torque of 450 Nm, complemented by a suspension system meticulously crafted to conquer the challenges of rallycross tracks. This exceptional fusion of power and resilience positions the D-MAX as the preferred vehicle for IPC and rallycross champions alike.

Renowned rally driver Mr. Louie Camacho, set to pilot the D-MAX, extolled the vehicle’s virtues, stating, “The D-MAX’s performance on the rallycross circuit is exceptional. Its unmatched power, precise control, and superior suspension afford an exhilarating driving experience that truly sets it apart.”

As IPC renews its alliance with the Philippine Rallycross Series, anticipation mounts for another thrilling season of high-octane action, where the Isuzu D-MAX is primed to continue its legacy of dominance on the dirt tracks of the Philippines.

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