Exclusive use of sustainable fuel announced for 2024 Goodwood Revival

Starting in 2024, the Goodwood Revival is set to usher in a groundbreaking era for historic motorsport by exclusively embracing sustainable fuel. This marks a pivotal moment in the event’s history, as competitors will be mandated to utilize fuel containing a minimum of 70% sustainable components, aligning with Goodwood’s broader initiative, Revive & Thrive.

The Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy At Goodwood Revival 2023. Ph. By Jayson Fong.

Photo: Goodwood

The decision reflects a meticulous and well-researched approach, with the notable aspect that no modifications to cars are necessary for them to run on the new fuel. Importantly, this transition does not result in performance deficits; cars can operate as seamlessly on sustainable fuel as on standard alternatives. Under this sustainable regime, the inaugural victor was the 1925 Bentley Speed Model, driven to triumph by Ben Collings and Gareth Graham, outpacing counterparts relying on traditional fuel sources.

Racing At The Goodwood Revival 2023. Ph. By Tom Baigent.

Photo: Goodwood

This shift towards sustainability is a strategic move to safeguard the future of historic motorsport. It follows the 2023 Fordwater Trophy, where 30 pre-1966 Porsche 911s, powered by sustainable fuel, captivated audiences with the participation of renowned drivers like Jenson Button, Tom Kristensen, and Mark Webber.

Jenson Button expressed enthusiasm, emphasizing the exciting prospect that sustainable fuels hold for the future of historic racing. He commended the Fordwater Trophy for seamlessly blending classic cars with cutting-edge sustainable fuel technology, envisioning a prolonged enjoyment of combustion engine cars.

Racing At The Goodwood Revival 2023. Ph. By Jayson Fong.

Photo: Goodwood

Building on this momentum, the integration of sustainable fuels will extend to the 81st Members’ Meeting and, further, featuring prominently in events such as the all-Mustang Ken Miles Cup and the Gordon Spice Trophy. Goodwood encourages all owners and drivers to embrace sustainable fuels before the Revival fully adopts this paradigm shift in September.

The commitment to sustainability will also be spotlighted at the 2024 Festival of Speed, particularly in Electric Avenue. Sebastian Vettel, a prominent figure at the 2023 Festival, lauded Goodwood’s dedication to promoting sustainable fuels, emphasizing its role in ensuring a viable future for the beloved sport.

The Rudge Whitworth Cup At Goodwood Revival 2023. Ph. By Jayson Fong.

Photo: Goodwood

Reflecting on these developments, the Duke of Richmond, the visionary behind both the Festival of Speed and Goodwood Revival, expressed pride in the historic mandate to use sustainable fuels. Acknowledging the support from participants, including owners, drivers, and preparers, he affirmed Goodwood’s leadership in championing sustainable practices within the realm of historic racing events.

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