DOTr breaks ground for important active transport infrastructure in San Fernando, Pampanga

The promotion of active transportation has consistently been pushed by the DOTr. With many plans for Metro Manila coming to light, it’s great news that more areas outside the metropolis are also being helped along. Following the DOTr’s partnership with the DPWH, San Fernando, Pampanga has broken ground for the construction of an expanded active transport infrastructure.

DOTr partners with DPWH for construction of active transport infra

Dotr Expanded Active Transport Infrastructure San Fernando Pampanga Inline 01 Min

Photo: Department of Transportation

To foster change in utilizing public roads, as well as champion sustainability in mobility, the project will involve the creation of Class 1, 2, and 3 protected bike lane network that stretches across 37.5 kilometers in both directions. The target is for it to be completed by the 4th quarter of 2023, and will feature urban shade trees, pavement markings, solar studs, bollards, rubber delineators, and signages.

Dotr Expanded Active Transport Infrastructure San Fernando Pampanga Inline 02 Min

Photo: Department of Transportation

“The establishment of the protected bike lanes will, as we constantly say, contribute to the change in perspective, and hopefully, result in a change in the way we view and use public roads. Our aim is not just to shift to a more sustainable mode of transport, but to promote a more viable and healthier mobility option,” said James Andres Melad, Transportation Assistant Secretary for Road Transport and Infrastructure.

“Our promise, however, will not stop here. In the future, an additional 470 kilometers of protected bike lanes and pedestrian infrastructure will be built as we stay true to our commitment of making active transport a viable transportation and mobility option,” Melad later added.

Dotr Expanded Active Transport Infrastructure San Fernando Pampanga Inline 03 Min

Photo: Department of Transportation

Other areas and provinces have also begun implementing their plans and building infrastructures for active transport as well. In the interest of a cleaner and greener environment and a healthy and sustainable means of transportation, it’s good to see the government and the DOTr making good on their word and promises.

If you were to give ideas, what would you suggest to make active transport safer and flourish in the Philippines?

Mikko Juangco
  1. So those are the criss-crossing lanes that I see along McArthur Highway approaching Angeles City, huh?! How protected are those when they merge with the main highway?! They could’ve done better with establishing a straight bike lane, deterring motorized vehicles, THAT INCLUDES MOTORCYCLES!

  2. Reply Avatar of Ferdinand Lacsamana
    Ferdinand Lacsamana July 6, 2023 at 8:30 am

    The project must be complimented with comprehensive information drive on motoring especially in traffic rules & regulations, road safety, courtesy and discipline. Not until the current driving culture of the filipinos change, infrastructure efforts to make our road safe will be of little to no effect.

  3. San Fernando Pampanga has a bike lane, but is being used by motorcycles, cars, peddlers and people. It is also being used as parking.

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