Spotify Car Thing now official

Sometime last year, Spotify rolled out a trial period for its newest car gadget called the “Car Thing”. Now though, it’s available to the masses (In the U.S.) for $89.99 (Php4,590).

Spotify Car Thing

Photo Credit: Spotify

The Car Thing’s main purpose remains the same, it’s supposed to be able to bring and mirror the Spotify listening experience to older cars who don’t have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities. The small device features a touchscreen, dial, preset buttons and voice control. Its interface is supposedly very car-friendly version of its mobile app. It has larger icons to make inputs easier than tapping away on a mobile phone.

For those who want the Spotify Car Thing, the device requires a power source (12 Volts or USB outlet), users must also be a Spotify premium account member as well. Lastly, users must be able to connect their phone to the vehicle’s audio unit whether through Bluetooth, USB or an auxiliary port, since the Car Thing connects to your phone’s Spotify app and mirrors it to the device’s touchscreen.

As mentioned earlier, the Spotify Car Thing is only available in the United States. However, we do hope it makes its way here soon, given that many Filipinos still drive older cars.

Pablo Salapantan

Pablo Salapantan

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