LTFRB plans to ban compact cars, hatchback for Uber and Grab

The Land Transportation Franchising & Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has been planning to ban compact cars and hatchback vehicles for Transport Network Vehicle Services (TNVS) such as Grab and Uber. LTFRB board member Atty. Aileen Lizada said that the agency vetoes at least 2000-cc rated vehicle as part of the new requirement.

ltfrb uber grab • LTFRB plans to ban compact cars, hatchback for Uber and Grab

Mayroon po tayong standard na sinusunod para sa mga sasakyan, ito ay ‘yong sedan, as long as makapasok sa 2000-cc rated. For safety regulations, ito ‘yong mga technical requirement po na kinakailangan at ito ho ang sinusunod ng mga taxi. – Atty. Aileen Lizada, LTFRB board member

According to the existing DOTC DO 2015-011, an accepted vehicle type for TNVS should meet the following criteria:

  • Accepted vehicle type are: Sedan, AUV, SUV, Van, SUV or other similar vehicles
  • Vehicle must not be more than 3 years old from date of manufacture as reflected in ORCR
  • Max age limit of the vehicle is 7 years from date of manufacture as reflected in ORCR

This only translates that there is no engine displacement requirement for a TNVS vehicle but hatchbacks are not specified as an accepted vehicle type for TNVS vehicle. Nevertheless, there is still no call from Uber and Grab for reconsideration of hatchbacks. Do you think it’s less safe and less convenient than other types of vehicles? Let’s start the discussion in the comments below.

Source: ABS-CBN News




  1. This is insane why would they want to do that?

  2. I miss uber, I am getting a lot of cancellations with GRAB

  3. I love Uber is one of the best things ever invented.

  4. Uber and Grab are great ways of transportation and income for a lot of people why deprive people that own certain vehicles from giving the service?

  5. Well I guess is more safe and convenient for the people who uses the service. Some compact cars and hatchbacks offers little leg room for those sitting in the back. The app says that a least 4 people can ride on the regular UberX. With some compact cars it was impossible to accommodate 3 big people in the back seats making it impossible to carry 4 passengers who were too big to fit the small sits of a compact car.

  6. That could after profit for drivers. Most of the compact cars are more fuel efficient than sedans, etc.

  7. Why the ban on these vehicles? Safety, regulations or bureaucracy?

  8. babagsak po ba ang Ekonomiya ng Pilipinas kung bubuwagin ang LTFRB ???

  9. pang bus na ata yang 2k na cc..laki ng engine nian,saka isa pa baka 10kpl ang kosyumo nian sa gas ahaha baka nga tlga di nia alam kung ano ang displacement engine

  10. If the LTFRB does go ahead with this stupid plan, expect the secondhand car market to be flooded with Wigo’s and Mirages 😛

  11. lokolo talaga itong mga brains kono sa ltfrb. engine displacement does not equate to a safe vehicle, period. you have to factor-in the design/construction of the body shell, the performance of the brakes, the presence/absence of abs, etc., and not the least, the condition of the driver. kung ipatupad itong proposal including existing taxis, di ba mawala lahat ang mga taxi, kasi almost all are having less then 2000 cc engines; karamihan ay 1400 cc, 1300 cc, 1200 cc, etc. sa akin, and dapat palitan ay yung mga utak ng mga taga ltfrb na yan.

  12. WTF? sa traffic dito sa pinas di mo maximize ung 2000cc plus ang mahal pa ng gas! unahin muna nila na ma full implement ung jeepney modernization saka ayusin ang MRT and LRT!

  13. Atty Lizada may not know what is 2000-cc displacement. According to the article, sinabi lang nya 2000-cc rated. Hindi nya sinabi kung maximum ba ito or minimum. Now, kung ito ang minimum, dapat pala wala ng pumapasadang taxi at TNV. What I’m trying to point out is, yang si Lizada gusto lang makagawa ng issue by not specifying if the ,2000-cc rated is maximum or minimum. Pero by common sense (yan ang wala si lizada) this should be the maximum. Kasi nga kung minimum, ang mga taxi at TNVs puro naka montero, fortuner, limo and other vehicles with not less than 2liter engine.

    Mga hung-hang talaga kyo, LTFRB.

  14. Before LTFRB bans hatchbacks, they should know first the meaning of sedan. Hatchbacks is a type of sedan with a lift back door. One may visit wikipedia or other sites to verify this. So, before these imbeciles of LTFRB make some announcements prohibiting hatchbacks, they must educate themselves with the meaning and types of sedan.

    Mga BATIL talaga ang 3 stoogees ng LTFRB.

  15. Well pwede tama nga naman wala ka nga makikitang taxi na compact at hatchback car, at isa pa mas madalas ako mag book sa mga client ko especially na maraming baggage eh pag na tyempo ka sa mga uber or grab car na compact eh syempre i rereject ko un. Eh prob ito naranasan ko pag madalas k mag cancel eh mapepenalty tyo commuter

  16. 2000? Di ba karamihan ng mga taxi nasa 1.5 and 1.3 (1500cc) lang? Correct me if this is not correct binabase ko lang kasi sa nakikita ko sa compartment door nakalagay 1.5, 1.3, 2.0 etc.

  17. Engine technology today is so much different 20 years ago. Engine displacement alone cannot be used as a single point of measurement for a car’s performance. In fact, this is a big insult to engine developers who continue to innovate in building smaller engines with big performance yet consume very little gas… just think of VTEC, VVTI, iDSI and other engine innovations in the last 10 years.

    Likewise, how fast can one run on today’s roads? OK, let’s look beyond today, do you think all the infrastructure projects of the government will make running on roads faster?

    This is a grand scheme to tax people more… cars with bigger engine displacements will consume more gas in the long run… more gas bought means more taxes. Great!!! Only in the Philippines.

  18. Kailangan daw ng LTFRB ng pera kasi tumaas na yung mga bilihin. Gagatatasan nila ulet favorite nila.

  19. anong sinusunod ng mga taxi? eh halos lahat nga taxi eh under 2000cc ang engine.. di less safe ang sub compact kung matino yung driver. pero kung adik ang driver kahit anong sasakyan pa dadalhin nya talagang hindi safe yun.

  20. for me it is quite an insult to those Filipino who already have a car and wala nang plano bumili nang bago kasi nga walang pera not all Filipinos can afford you know so for me it is so unfair for them they are so selfish

  21. So basically you need to drive an Innova eh…

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