Toyota Concept-i car shows a friendly future


It’s round, dimpled, and futuristic. Those are the three word we’d use to describe Toyota’s new concept vehicle for the near future.

toyota concept i • Toyota Concept-i car shows a friendly future

Toyota unveiled an autonomous futuristic vehicle at CES 2017 in Las Vegas called Concept-i. Before we get high hopes, Toyota said that it has essentially no plans to put the Concept-i into production.

toyota concept i 2 • Toyota Concept-i car shows a friendly future

So why did Toyota spend time making this? They said it wishes to address how autonomous vehicles in the market today are ‘unconnected’ and don’t appeal to the emotions of humans. That’s why they come with the Concept-i fitted with Yui, an AI butler tasked to learn its driver. Yui will enhance the relationship between car and driver.

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toyota concept i 3 • Toyota Concept-i car shows a friendly future

The AI will use the car’s interior to travel around inside the vehicle and connect with its passengers. A single 3D heads-up display is also present for the driver.

Toyota envisions a more friendly future ahead of us where humans and machine live together, if only they can build it soon.


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