Honda Riding Assist motorcycle can balance itself


2016 vastly introduced self-driving cars to the public while 2017 aims to sell us self-balancing bikes. That’s what Honda has in stored for us during its CES 2017 show.

Honda Riding Assist • Honda Riding Assist motorcycle can balance itself

The Japanese tech giant unveiled a self-stabilizing motorcycle at CES dubbed as Honda Riding Assist. Self-balancing two-wheeled transport isn’t exactly new with the existence Segway and BMW Motorrad Vision concept but hopefully, it gains popularity this year.

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Honda says they use their own technology similar to what keeps Asimo stable and its UNI-CUB personal mobility device balanced rather than gyroscopes use by other companies. The bike senses lean angles and swings the wheel to either side to counteract.

Although, the company was quick to say that the concept isn’t for everyone since most bike riders can manage without such tech. It’s for those who want to relax for a bit and forego the worry of falling over.

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There’s no definite date when we will see the product on sale, so it’s more of “dream” for now.


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