Nissan Planning to electrify legendary R32 GT-R

It seems that Japanese manufacturers are keen on making Electric Vehicles (EVs) interesting by reimagining classics with electric power. Nissan for example is planning to electrify one of the most legendary cars ever made; the R32 GT-R.

Yeah, you read that right an electric Godzilla.

Nissan GT-R R32 EV?

While that sounds like a joke, the news is no rumor because it came from the manufacturer. It was posted a few days ago on their official website and Twitter account.

Nissan Gt R R32 Ev Inline

The brand is already in the stages of converting the R32 into an EV concept model. Essentially what the automaker is planning to do is to still use the signature and iconic design of the R32 but instead of using the legendary R26DETT, it will inevitably be powered by an electric motor using the brand’s latest technology.

While the whole project seems far-reaching, in hindsight it’s a pretty neat idea by the brand to make EVs more appealing and ‘cool’.


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Pablo Salapantan

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