SSS urges delivery riders to become self-employed members


The Social Security System (SSS) has urged delivery rides in food delivery and courier activities to become self-employed members and be covered for social security protection such as various benefit programs and loan privileges.

Proteksyong SSS Para sa Delivery Riders 3 • SSS urges delivery riders to become self-employed members

The “Proteksyong SSS Para sa Delivery Riders” online forum was conducted on FB with nearly 1,000 participants. The online forum is the kickoff event for a series of outreach activities for delivery riders providing services to various digital platform companies such as Angkas, Dingdong, foodpanda, Grab, Joyride, Lalamove and etc.

SSS President and Chief Executive Officer Aurora Ignacio said among many industries, the digital platform delivery sector has one of the fastest and most extensive growths in recent years, especially during the pandemic. With that said, many delivery riders of various digital platform companies are classified as independent contractors or freelancers, meaning that they are regular employees of the company which disqualifies them from benefits and typical employees would receive under the country’s labor and social security laws.

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Proteksyong SSS Para sa Delivery Riders 2 • SSS urges delivery riders to become self-employed members

Ignacio also shared that it is essential that while they are doing their delivery activities, they have financial protection from any unforeseen events or times of contingencies. The value of Social Security and Employees’ Compensation Programs was also further discussed, explaining that riders must be appropriately classified as self-employed members under the SS to have the most effective financial protection against risks brought by constant exposure to various elements, especially the virus.

As self-employed SSS members, they will be entitled to social security benefits such as sickness, maternity, retirement, disability, funeral, and death. Likewise, they shall become eligible for loan programs which include salary, calamity, educational assistance, among others. Additionally, they will also have coverage from the Employees’ Compensation (EC) Program for work-related contingencies such as sickness, disability, death and funeral, medical and rehabilitation services.

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Currently, the SSS contribution rate stands at 13% and the monthly salary credit (MSC) used to determine the amount of monthly contribution ranges from PHP 3,000 to PHP 25,000. The lowest monthly contribution is P400, broken down into P390 for the regular Social Security (SS) Program and P10 for the EC Program. Meanwhile, the highest monthly contribution is P3,280, broken down into P2,600 for the regular SS Program, P30 for the EC Program, and P650 for the Workers’ Investment Savings Program (WISP).

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Furthermore, the virtual forum also featured a discussion on how delivery riders can register as self-employed members. For those without SS numbers, the Member Education Department taught them the SS number application through the SSS website. Payment for contributions can be accessed through the SS Mobile App, Bayad or GCash mobile apps, or the internet banking facility of the Security Bank and Union Bank of the Philippines.

For more information and updates on SSS programs and benefits, check out the uSSSap Tayo portal.

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