Operator of Overloading Modern PUV summoned by LTFRB

Modern PUVs have been in and around the metro for quite some time now, it has been a major push from agencies like the LTFRB to modernize a vital part of our aging transport system.

Unfortunately, it has been a slow process, despite an influx of new PUVs it seems they aren’t enough for our recovering workforce and economy. This has led to some unforeseen problems like long lines at bus stops and even overloading, the latter of which has caused quite a stir recently.

LTFRB “No to overloading”

A viral video circulating social media has come to the attention of the agency, wherein a modern jeepney that was packed down to the last inch caused a passenger to faint while in transit.

The incident prompted the regulatory agency to hand out a show-cause order to Easyway Transport Service and Multipurpose Cooperative so that they can properly explain why they shouldn’t be suspended or lose their Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC) or franchise for violating the overloading rule.

The show cause order dictates that the operator should show up to a hearing by February 16, 2023, and they only have 5 days to respond to the order itself. “Failure to provide an answer and non-appearance in the case hearing will be deemed a waiver on the part of the respondent to be heard, and the case will be decided based on the Board’s records,” says the show cause order.

Modern Jeepney Ltfrb Inline

According to the LTFRB the maximum capacity of the modern PUVs are 28 passengers only, 23 sitting down and 5 standing up. Chairman Guadiz has once again given a warning to operators to follow the rules and regulations especially since Covid-19 is still an issue that plagues our nation.

“This means that PUVs should still observe proper distancing in terms of the number of passengers they can accommodate. Thus, overloading should not be allowed under any circumstance,”  said Guadiz.

“Pandemic or not, overloading is dangerous and should not be practiced by PUV drivers just for them to earn money and meet their boundary. No amount of money can equate to the safety of passengers, especially now that COVID-19 is still here,” Guadiz added.

As much as we all want and need more modern PUVs to alleviate the plight of commuters, operators should be mindful enough to know when too much is just too much, especially when lives are at stake.

Pablo Salapantan

Pablo Salapantan

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  1. The assigned Government Agency must always monitor safety compliance of PUV and not wait for the passenger to faint before they acted upon.
    Both old and modernized PUV often were overloaded especially operating Guadalupe to FTI and VS routes… From Guadalupe terminal PUV already exceeds sitting capacity, along d way they cont. to pick up males passenger willing to “SABIT”…
    Most drivers also often step on the brakes or immediately stops the vehicles that once the passenger got off, they felt tired, exhausted, body pained and stressed.
    We all knew that passenger opted to ride PUV to be comfortable especially going to work or going home from work not just an easy way of transportation. Unfortunately, it’s essence has been long gone…
    Hasn’t the fare enough for the driver for doing so?
    It’s one causes also of unaligned shoulder or backbone.
    Hoping PUV’s drivers should act as PROFESSIONAL as stated on their LICENSE. Ty.

  2. Sa pasig route grabe karga siksikan. Pacheck po..

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