Android Auto to get Google Assistant


It seems that Google Assistant is everywhere these days, from smartphones and tablets, to smart speakers and smart displays. If you drive a vehicle that comes with an Android Auto-enabled entertainment system, then Google Assistant is coming to your car as well.

With Google Assistant in Android Auto, users will be able to take advantage of the virtual assistant’s voice recognition capabilities to perform hands-free functions such as controlling music on Spotify or Google Play Music, navigating with Google Maps or Waze, and even sending or receiving messages with certain apps.

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google assistant android auto • Android Auto to get Google Assistant

Google says that in the future, you’ll even be able to do things like ordering food in advance while on the road.

google assistant android auto 1 • Android Auto to get Google Assistant

Android Auto is available in more than 400 car models from over 40 brands. You can check out the list over at the Android Auto webpage here.

Source: Google

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