MMDA stats: Guess how many motorists violated the EDSA Bus Lane rule in just 11 days

Fresh off the heels of a fatal accident involving the EDSA Bus Lane, the MMDA is adamant about reminding the public of its dangers and bringing to light how many pay no mind to the existing rule. From June 5 to 11, 11 days, the agency’s traffic enforcers have recorded a pretty alarming number of violators involving motor vehicles and motorcycles alike. The tally? 351.

MMDA apprehended 351 Bus Lane violators, averaging about 32 per day

Mmda Edsa Bus Carousel Bus Lane Apprehensions June 5 11 Inline 01

Photo: MMDA

While it gets repetitive, continuous reminders for motorists to abide by traffic rules and laws are always given. Particularly for the EDSA Bus Lane, despite being explicitly reserved for buses, ambulances, and emergency government vehicles, an errant private vehicle or motorcyclist has become a staple sight.

The past 11 days saw an average of about 32 motorists being apprehended daily for violating the said rule. It may look small on paper, but in reality, the chances of any of these 32 vehicles figuring in an accident – fatal or not – are pretty high.

Mmda Edsa Bus Carousel Bus Lane Apprehensions June 5 11 Inline 02

Photo: MMDA

In the agency’s daily operations, no violator was spared. From jeepneys to motorcycles, apprehensions were carried out. Yes, we know, a lot will argue about how the “politiko’s convoy” and the “expensive sports car” may get off the hook with nothing but a slap on the wrist, but the point here is that this must serve as a reminder for everyone to simply follow the rules. Just because a few rotten apples don’t doesn’t mean we should spoil the bunch, too.

Besides, we’d like to believe that the authorities do exercise whatever powers they have to properly deal with the two examples we just stated above. Are we right, LTO, MMDA, HPG, etc.? We are, right?

Mmda Edsa Bus Carousel Bus Lane Apprehensions June 5 11 Inline 03

Photo: MMDA

Getting caught in the EDSA Bus Lane will get you a violation ticket as well as a PHP 1,000 fine, in case you aren’t aware. In more extreme cases, it’s not unknown that vehicles have been given an alarm, making it illegal to drive and unregisterable, as well as getting driver’s licenses suspended. We wouldn’t want either of that now, would we?

We echo the MMDA‘s sentiment on sharing this number: “Huwag na pong matigas ang ulo, please.”

Don’t be hardheaded, please. Rules exist for order and in the case of traffic governance, everyone’s safety. Let’s not be the cause of any untoward accident. Better yet, let’s not put ourselves in a position to be directly involved in one. Or more.

Mikko Juangco
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