Porsche Mission X showcases the brands EV Hypercar future

One of the biggest brands in the sports car business has just reached a significant milestone. Porsche has just celebrated its 75th anniversary and they chose to mark the occasion by looking back and looking forward.

Porsche Mission X Concept

Keeping in tune with the brand’s philosophy of pushing the envelope and being the sought-after performance car builder, the next phase of Porsche’s future is the Mission X Concept. They are so confident and excited about the Mission X that they are already claiming that it will be the fastest car around the Nurburgring ever.

Porsche Mission X Concept (1)

The Mission X was unveiled during the 75th-anniversary celebration that was also held a night before the only racing discipline Porsche cares about; the 24 Hours of Le Mans. As such, the Mission X actually takes a lot of design cues and elements from the brand’s endurance racers past and present. The doors are reminiscent of the 917, and there is a glass bubble covering the passenger bay that’s protected by a carbon fiber exoskeleton.┬áInside the Mission X is a modern but still very luxurious cabin, with contrasting seats for the driver, and other quirky features like a space for an analog or digital stopwatch reminiscent of the 959.

Porsche Mission X Concept (3)

Despite being an EV the layout of the Mission X has been tweaked in order to give the vehicle the handling feel and dynamics of a mid-engined vehicle.

Porsche Mission X Concept (2)

With so much hype behind it, you would think that the brand is set to put it into production, however, the powers at be are still deliberating the realities of production, offering a “next month” timeline for a final decision.


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