Nissan and New Balance partnership births the Kicks 327 Edition

There have been numerous brands that have done partnerships with car manufacturers before, and most have been ‘interesting to say the least. Nissan though has decided to take ‘interesting’ to a whole new level, with a partnership in Japan with the shoe brand New Balance.

Nissan x New Balance = Kicks 327 Edition

Both brands have collaborated to create the one and only Nissan Kicks 327 edition, which as you can see is styled to look like the New Balance 327 sneakers.

Nissan X New Balance Inline 2

The design of the exterior is unmistakable, the signature ‘N’ of new balance is placed on the side of Kicks, while the tongue of the shoe has been attached to the roof of the crossover. Based on the photos the texture and shape of the tongue have been designed to look and feel exactly like what you would find on the original 327 sneakers.

This one-off version is part of the brand’s campaign to further promote the Kicks e-power 4WD. Starting January 24 to February 28, 2023, Nissan will be displaying the vehicle in three different locations starting with the Nissan Crossing exhibit in Ginza.

Nissan X New Balance Inline 1

Furthermore, Both brands are holding a raffle where one winner can take home an all-new Kicks e-power 4WD. Those who can’t visit Japan to take a real photo of the Kicks 327 edition can still win a 327 sneaker or other New Balance Items. How? click this for the link to the raffle.

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