MMDA: Private vehicles free to use all EDSA-Ayala Southbound lanes except…

For a time, private vehicles traversing the outermost lanes of EDSA-Ayala Southbound were apprehended by the MMDA for violation of the bus-only lane. In a recent advisory, the agency clarified that all lanes along the said stretch can now be used by private vehicles. All, except for one, that is.

MMDA allows private vehicles on all lanes except for the rightmost bicycle lane

Mmda All Lanes Edsa Ayala Southbound Inline 02 Min

Before the MMDA’s announcement, only the three lanes from the center island were passable for privately-owned vehicles. Those who find themselves within the barriers of the 4th and 5th lanes would’ve been apprehended by the time they exit since it was only for the loading and unloading of bus passengers.

The said lanes have now been opened for all vehicles to use following the transfer of the EDSA Bus Ayala Carousel from the said area to the One Ayala Grand Terminal.

Mmda All Lanes Edsa Ayala Southbound Inline 01 Min

We can remember that bottlenecks were a common problem at the end of the bus lanes. That was because private vehicles that needed to turn right into the Ayala “shopping center” from EDSA had to avoid the bus lanes, lest they be apprehended. That’s where the problems would start, and the opening of more lanes for private vehicles to use may very well ease the flow of traffic into the center.

Of course, the rightmost lane remains to be exclusive for bicycle riders. The government’s push for active transport remains steadfast and everyone is reminded and cautioned to not infringe upon the said lane to keep bicyclists safe. Do remember to make way and yield to bikers in the said lane, yes?

Mmda All Lanes Edsa Ayala Southbound Inline 03 Min

Looking at the comments on the MMDA‘s official post, a lot of readers and motorists have aired their opinion that now, the MMDA’s enforcers should also be informed of this official announcement to avoid any undeserved apprehensions.

Just in case, they can also refer to the said post, but please be courteous still. We all know that a problem with the dissemination of information between agencies and enforcers on the ground exists, so be patient no less.

This is already a win for private vehicles and bicyclists along EDSA, so let’s all take it that way.

Mikko Juangco
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