I-ACT launches “I Will Act” portal for traffic-related complaints

The Inter-Agency Council on Traffic launches its own web portal to receive criticism of Manila commuters.


The “I Will Act” portal encourages people to submit their traffic-related complaints to the government. This includes but not limited to illegal public vehicle terminals, sidewalk obstructions, unattended excavations and even kotong enforcers.

Complainants should send complete information about him or herself plus details like date, place, and photos or videos for proof. He or she is also obliged to be present for a hearing to push through with the case.

Check out the portal at http://www.mmda.gov.ph/i-will-act.


Louie Diangson
  1. I agree with the previous comments but would like to take my commenting approach on a different tone.

    My take is just make the proofs (pictures and/or videos) mandatory. I think if a traffic problem is really bothersome for a lot of motorists, then I-ACT will receive a lot of complaints for it. Given such scenario, I-ACT could then commission a task force, even a very small group, to verify the problem. If found true (which is most likely the case), they could then plan out resolution steps for said problem using even a very large task force if needed.

    Taking the chance (hopefully someone who works in Paranaque City Hall gets to read this), I strongly nominate review of the situation in Sto. Nino Paranaque especially the vicinity in front of the central post office. The make shift market in there – the line of stores after the dilapidated bridge, chokes traffic very heavily during mornings even as early as 6AM. I have been running that route going home from work since February this year and there was never a time when that area did not have traffic mess. From illegally parked cars, PUVs loading/unloading anywhere and everywhere, counterflows, jaywalkers and the very bad road condition – any motorist can really just wish for reprieve.

    Thanks and cheers to wishing less and less traffic problems for every Filipino!

  2. Riiigght Because we have a lot of spare time to do that BS. If the LGUs are doing their crap properly we won’t have to resort to this. This is too much trouble and lets anyone filing complaints become singled out for retribution. It’s not like all cops are like Bato. They won’t be able to protect you. They can’t protect people in Commission On Audit. What more the common citizen? The violators won’t play fair. Revealing your personal information is basically an invitation for retribution. “I am Juan Dela Cruz. This is where I live.” Only Tony Stark has the luxury to do that… And even he was destroyed real bad. Epic fail.

  3. As if hindi ka naabala sa daan. At lalong aabalahin ka pa sa hearing. Kapag pumunta ka naman sa hearing, yung offending party naman ay hindi pupunta at ma-po-postpone pa ang hearing. Laking abala talaga niyan.

  4. “obliged to be present for a hearing to push through”

    this is where it most likely will fail. unless our country will have a similar “jury duty” leave of absence that other countries have, people who report violation would not be able to attend because they would not be able to leave work or have to use their vacation leaves. if only the corresponding officials did their jobs properly or other people show actual concern/consideration towards others, we would not need this “i will act” initiative in the first place.

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