Revisiting the GAC GS3 EMZOOM on a mystic southern road trip – Drive Feature

Ever since the GAC GS3 EMZOOM was launched last year it became an instant hit for the brand. The GS3 EMZOOM with its ultra-unique styling, sporty performance, and bang-for-buck pricing are just some of the reasons for its success, I would go as far as saying it was on my short list of “Car of the Year” for 2023.

Gac Gs3 Emzoom Drive Banahaw 1

GAC GS3 Emzoom revisited

A few months later and a new calendar year upon us, we the media were invited to a short but sweet drive with the brand’s best-selling car. We met up early at the GAC showroom in Alabang for a quick breakfast and a drive briefing, after which we made our way to the cars and commenced our drive down south to the mystical Mt. Banahaw.

Gac Gs3 Emzoom Drive Banahaw 2

Our route was both relaxed and somewhat technical, it was nice that we were able to experience the EMZOOM in almost all road conditions and surfaces. I was reminded again why I like the EMZOOM so much, the size is perfect for zipping through traffic, the speed and performance are more than enough to elicit giggles and overtake when needed, while the comfort and handling can feel dynamic and comfortable at the same time.

Gac Gs3 Emzoom Drive Banahaw 3

Gac Gs3 Emzoom Drive Banahaw 10

We reached our destination at the foot of Mt.Banahaw, where we were treated to an amazing homecooked meal and also given quite the lecture about the mysticism surrounding the famous mountain. In a way I felt it somehow relates to the GS3 EMZOOM, there’s just something magical about how all the decisions, the parts, and the tuning that encompasses the whole vehicle make it such a winning package for most people.

Gac Gs3 Emzoom Drive Banahaw 18

Gac Gs3 Emzoom Drive Banahaw 21

The afternoon was spent hanging out while eating and drinking the amazing selection provided to us by the wonderful people taking care of this retreat area. There was even a mixologist on hand who made 3 bespoke drinks all tied to the nature of the GAC GS3 EMZOOM. The retreat area we went to is in fact a “slow food” community, meaning each ingredient used to make a dish is grown and cultivated the right way.

Gac Gs3 Emzoom Drive Banahaw 24

Gac Gs3 Emzoom Drive Banahaw 23

After spending a few hours admiring and relaxing with nature, we returned to Manila. The drive back was much more direct and relaxing, my carmates for example and I spent the time just talking and driving as calm and collected as possible.

Gac Gs3 Emzoom Drive Banahaw 22

Setting a high bar

When it comes to crossovers, the segment is competitive. It had been dominated for a long time by brands like MG, Geely, and even Ford, for any brand to come in and say “We have a winner” takes a lot of belief and bravery. The GAC GS3 EMZOOM is a product that takes the best of all worlds and puts it together into a package that trumps most if not all of the competition.

Gac Gs3 Emzoom Drive Banahaw 4

For a little over PHP 1.1 Million it truly is hard to beat and has become the new standard by which all crossovers will now be judged against. It no longer surprises me to see multiple GS3 EMZOOMs ply our local roads, and I’m happy that people are validating the strengths of the GAC GS3 EMZOOM.

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