MMDA lifts Number Coding effective March 27-29 for Holy Week

The Holy Week is upon us, and so is the inevitable lifting of Number Coding. The MMDA has announced as much and as of Maundy Thursday, March 28, the Coding scheme will be suspended until Good Friday, March 29. As of this posting, the city of Makati has only confirmed that “The coding scheme is automatically lifted on weekends and holidays.”, but we expect them to publish whether they will lift it starting Wednesday or Thursday soon.

MMDA confirms no Number Coding on Holy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday, Makati announcement pending


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Photo: Metro Manila Development Authority

As we all know, National Holidays mean the suspension of the Metro Manila Development Authority’s Coding scheme. As early as today, the government agency has already confirmed that the last (EDIT, 26Mar2024) 3┬ádays of this week will be free for everyone to drive around Metro Manila without fear of being apprehended for using a “coded” vehicle.


What weighs on motorists’ minds is whether the city of Makati will follow suit, given that it has its own rules and implementation of Coding. We’ve reached out to Makati’s official social media page and asked. Their immediate response did not specify whether the lifting would start on Wednesday or Thursday, but if we were to wager, it will most likely be like last year with only Maundy Thursday and Good Friday being Coding-free in the city. Do expect us to update this page once confirmation comes in.

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Photo: Don Artes

To ensure order on the roads, MMDA Acting Chairman Don Artes also announced the full deployment of the agency’s constables during the holiday. A total of 2,274 enforcers are expected to take to the streets, transport hubs, and other areas in Metro Manila to look after the safety of motorists and pedestrians.

An exodus of vehicles is expected to begin as early as Wednesday, and the presence of traffic law enforcers will be vital in maintaining order and safety. On the days that everyone will be free to travel without worrying about Number Coding, enforcer presence is just as important since many would have the urge to scratch a speeding itch with the empty roads ahead of them.

Let’s all be safe and use the holidays to rest and enjoy a well-needed break, yes?

Mikko Juangco
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