Bike lanes around your school? Residents of Metro Manila can now conveniently check on that

Whether it’s putting up facilities or the addition of bike lanes, a lot is being done to promote the use of bicycles around Metro Manila. Traffic jams in and around the city make the use of 2-wheeled non-motorized transportation quite attractive, but paramount of any bike rider’s concerns is safety. Particularly, is there a proper bicycle lane that I can use?

If you’re a student, teacher, or school staff who shares the sentiment of biking to school but would want to be safe while you’re at it, you can now check if your school has designated bike lanes to and from.

Does your school have bike lanes around? Scan a QR Code and find out

Just 2 days ago, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) released information on where all the school-zone bike lanes are in and around Metro Manila. For those who live in, go to school, or work in a school in Metro Manila, the DOTr just made it easier to check if designated bicycle lanes have been put up for you to get to and from school. You can click on this link or here to see the rather comprehensive list that the DOTr has come up with.

If you’re curious as to what specific schools have been identified as having bike lanes nearby, you can go and scan the QR Code below. We’ve tried it ourselves and yes, it works!

Bike Lane South Superhighway Qr Code Metro Manila Residents Inline 02

Photo: DOTr

We really do have to appreciate the efforts that are being put in by various national and local government units in the name of safer, better, and more efficient transportation for all. Granted that not all in everyone’s wishlist can be addressed so quickly and easily, at least we see that there are agencies that really seem to take the welfare of motorists, commuters, and bicyclists/bikers to heart. For that, we cannot fault them, or anyone.

But the question will always remain: what is the greater scheme of things, and how will the horrendous traffic in Metro Manila be addressed? If it can be helped one bike lane at a time, then at least we’re on the right track. Let’s hope someone finds the answer to that billion Peso question, and soon. We all know we need a reprieve from getting stuck in traffic every day.

Mikko Juangco
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